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  1. Transmission alley
    Tengo problemas con la transmisión de mi s40 e7f. Puse la relación de caja s20 b000, pero mi 5ta marcha no se activa, solo gruñe y es como si estuviera en neutral. marcha atrás y las demás marchas si engranan sólo la 5ª marcha núm. ¿Hay algo que deba hacer para que funcione correctamente?
  2. Transmission alley
    In my car I have a d16y7 with an sl3 tranny. I was told it was from a 91 si which is what my car is. I was also given an l3 transmission. Im not sure of what l3 it is, all I know about it is that it has the pin in the final drive making it open dif (at least thats what I was told). The throw out...
  3. Transmission alley
    I wanted to ask some opinions on which trans I should get and use. I currently am running d16z6 with a cx tranny holy long gears batman! I do want the car for weekend strip use but it will also be driven on the interstate alot and that got me thinking which trans would be best? The z6 si...
1-3 of 3 Results