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  1. General Tech
    Hello people! My name is Jack and I am new on the forum because I bought a Honda del sol! :) I bought this honda with the temprature gauge defect atleast that appeared during the first ride, the seller sayed that he does it occasionally (of course: lol:) The temp gauge rises when the engine...
  2. Audio/Electronics
    I have an EG 95 hatch and will be installing an autometer digital boost gauge. It requires power throughout the cranking process to calibrate the MAP sensor to the current altitude (instructions link). I've been looking over the wiring diagrams but can't make sense of the ignition process and...
  3. Audio/Electronics
    My speedometer is actin up, when i cut the car on to acc, the needle jumps straight to 30mph. i unplugged the cluster and the speed sensor to try to reset but it still does it. in other suggestions?
  4. General Tech
    Does anybody have their gauges set on the steering column like mickey mouse ears??? If so please post pics and lee me know how you went by putting them there. I cannot find a pod to do it. Thanks guys. PS I dunno if this is the right section to post this at.
  5. Audio/Electronics
    well i had aftermarket reverse glow gauges that came with my car, and ever since i bought it they would flicker. they kept randomly going out and then back on, as if a ground was bad, and it did this for about two months to me, and im not sure how long to the previous owner, but he warned me...
  6. DIY Forum
    My situation: I own an EG 95 civic hatch. I have been rummaging through the junkyards lately and found a plethora of civic auto clusters. They sell em' for fifty bucks, I always wanted a tach, so I went ahead and bought one. I can always paint over the auto-shift display later, the cluster...
1-6 of 7 Results