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  1. Will gasket of D16 fit in D17A engine?

    7th Gen
    I have a honda civic 2004 7th gen pkdm (Pakistan), it originally had D16 engine which i had to swap and now it has D17A engine. Due to heatup issues i need to change the gasket, honda company obviously here makes gasket of D16 original engine so I want to know if I can fit gasket of D16 engine...
  2. Just got a wagon..

    New Member Introductions
    Hey, I'm a noob. I just bought a 91 RT4WD Wagon. The body is pretty decent as well as the interior. No rips, nothing missing. It has a d16a6, and I got it for a good deal, but it's leaking like a sieve. So I'm thinking I'm gonna pull the engine and replace all of the seals and gaskets, as well...
  3. Bolt Kit, and Gasket kit options

    Forced Induction
    I'm doing a pretty much full build on a d15b7 with a6 head and I'm curious if there's a company that sells a full kit of new bolts for the entire engine. I've been searching the web and haven't found anything.. same with gasket sets, I can't find full rebuild sets only small kits not for a full...
  4. oil pump seal vs. oil pump gasket??

    Engine Building
    97 2dr d16y8 i know theres the bigger one you can see on the outside, and theres a smaller one inside the pump somewhere. which one is which?? im guessing the big one that you can see from the outside is the gasket but i just want to be sure. ALSO, which one is more likely to be the cause of...
  5. Vtec gasket issue - pic included

    General Tech
    Hello DSO! I'm helping a friend of mine here. He bought a oem vtec gasket PN 36172-p08-015 for his D16Z6 Thing is, the old vtc gasket has a net and the new one doesn't. Is this the correct gasket, or is the absence of the net going to be an issue? Pic: Imageshack - image1357243232580391.jpg...
  6. vtec yo :P

    General Tech
    OK well ive been tracking down an oil leak that i had ever since i got the car. First it was the oil pan right by the transmission. Got me thinking it was the rear main seal. It wasnt it was just the pan gasket. So fixed that and cleaned everything up. Now i got an oil leak by the crank pulley...
  7. Intro and question about oil pan gasket

    General Tech
    Hey all. I'm new and this is my first post. I have a red 93 civic si coupe, unfortunately no pics yet. I traded a 92 4runner for it and so far I am loving it! It was leaking a little oil and I narrowed it down to the oil pan gasket. I replaced the gasket, however the leak got worse. Here's...
  8. Vtec solenoid gasket leaking?

    General Tech
    hey im new to d-series. when i bought my 93 civic i noticed a slight oil leak coming from the top end. i replaced my vc gasket and distributor o-ring but it still seems to be leaking. i think its the vtec solenoid. can they even leak oil? if so, is this a common thing? thanks for all your alls help.
  9. Hot engine.

    General Tech
    Hi, i´m new to this forum, great forum, lots of info! :) Anyway, my headgasket is probably blown, but i want some opinions and suggestions. ----These are the facts---- 1-My Civic Coupe 95 (D15b7) is running hot accordingly to the Temp gauge. 2*-When it got really hot, i stopped the engine...