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  1. New Member Introductions
    I bought a 90 civic hatch with a d16z6 swap and turbo. I bought the car as a project car. It is currently running lean. Since it was not my built, I do not know what size of fuel pump I have. I have been told I need at least a 220 pump. How can I find out what size the car currently has?
  2. Engine Building
    Lately the car has been putting out a lot of fuel fumes while idle. My cabin air intake seems to suck it right out of the bay and pump it into my face. My nose leads me to either the fuel filter (which looks perfectly fine) or the EVAP canister (which has everything attached except the vacuum)...
  3. Engine Building
    Will i be loosing gas millage? because i got all the parts ready but just curious.
  4. General Tech
    Whats up people! I need some help, i blew a brake line 2day and went to fix it and realized that the other one was shot as well so i replaced both. but when i was doing them i realized that all the fuel lines next to brake lines are really rusted and one was pissing a lil gas out (explaines the...
  5. General Tech
    Hi guys, After reading the sticky on gas mileage, I've started to replace a few things that could be the culprit to my terrible gas mileage. Let me start with the specs of my car. Its a d15b block, d15b7 head, si headgasket (8.55:1 compression) Automatic transmission Oem everything. Tires @...
  6. Engine Management
    so when i bought this car the guy told me he thought it needed a new compressor anyway i charged my ac with all the freon it could possibly hold and it started working.... of course the freon escaped over the course of 2 weeks... now idk where the leeks is... i used the stuff so u could see it...
1-6 of 6 Results