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fuel pressure

  1. fuel presure trouble.

    Engine Building
    hello i have a d16z6 vitara turbo whit a walbro 255 on hondata s300 and dsm injector my problem is when i start the engine the presure is at 45 then it drop to 0 in about 15 sec at ilde. i have this prolem since i have change my fuel pump for a inline walbro 255 whit a fuel cell and an6 fuel...
  2. Fuel Pressure Regulator?!? Stock with walbro 255?

    Forced Induction
    Ok, I have just installed a turbo on my 1993 Civic Hatch DX d15B7, now its time to take care of the fuel. I have got a dsm 450cc injectors and a walbro 255 fuel pump. Is the stock FPR ok with the 255? I have an aftermarket FPR but should i even worry about installing it? If I should, can I just...
  3. To much FUEL

    Engine Building
    Ok guys, you all really helped me out with my first thread. I need your knowledge once again. I installed the edelbrock intake and godspeed throttle body, got everything hooked up right (i think) now the only problem is, its blowin black smoke out of the tailpipe as if its running rich as hell...