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fuel pressure regulator

  1. Do I need a Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) and/or Fuel pump??

    New Member Introductions
    I've been searching here and around for an answer but can't find anything, just hints and tips. Here's my situation: I got this turbo kit => and it says I only need to...
  2. *NEW* AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator & Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Gauge

    For Sale
    *NEW* AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator for Civic and Acura CL For sale is my brand new, never used, still in the box, AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator. I bought this for a project that didn't happen. It is part number 25-304BK. The cheapest I can find it anywhere for is $142. So I am asking $100 which...
  3. D15b VTec JDM - F.P.R. Setting?

    Engine Management
    Hi, Can anyone help me in the configuration of my Fuel Pressure Regulator for my D15b single VTec JDM. Bellow are the configuration that you might need. My Engine is Stage 1 D15b Single VTec JDM with P08 E.C.U. I got Long Intake, 4 into 1 headers with 2.25 down piping. Just want to know at...