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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    So this is my 1st official honda engine build since coming over from DSM's. 1996 EK DX Hatch: Y7 block Y7 crank A6 pistons Y7 rods 5y head - decked .015 Y8 cam Y8 full intake plenum set up Y8 two layer HG P28 "virgin" Ecu w/8200 limiter 8.8lb flywheel Y8 OEM intake Two piece header Full WS2...
  2. General Tech
    Long story short, I have a 92 Civic CX Hatch that had the cursed 8-valve D15B8, however had the bottom end containing 4-valve relief pistons. So I did a head swap from a D15B7 and have gained quite a noticeable increase in power as well as gas consumption. Very bad gas mileage... about 20 mpg...
1-2 of 2 Results