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  1. Bad Fuel System Parts

    Dohc ZC in my 89 Crx Hf body. Hey Guys! Here again with some more questions. So with the car not running, I had to do some diagnostics. I had already checked for spark, compression, and fuel(at least the fuel pump). Everything was good, and it still wouldn't start. Last night, I...
  2. *NEW* AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator & Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Gauge

    For Sale
    *NEW* AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator for Civic and Acura CL For sale is my brand new, never used, still in the box, AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator. I bought this for a project that didn't happen. It is part number 25-304BK. The cheapest I can find it anywhere for is $142. So I am asking $100 which...
  3. Fuel Pressure Regulator?!? Stock with walbro 255?

    Forced Induction
    Ok, I have just installed a turbo on my 1993 Civic Hatch DX d15B7, now its time to take care of the fuel. I have got a dsm 450cc injectors and a walbro 255 fuel pump. Is the stock FPR ok with the 255? I have an aftermarket FPR but should i even worry about installing it? If I should, can I just...
  4. Any real world experience with a rising rate fuel regulator and a small turbo?

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    So here is where I am at...I have a 98 hatch and I had some grand plans to do a vitara build. That escalated very quickly to changing over to an all forged setup. I decided I wanted to be able to rev high, so that led to springs and retainers. I needed a cam to replace the garbage one that I...
  5. Understanding FPR

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    I just want to start by thanking all of you that post on here I got 210hp out of my first turbo build. I want to make sure I got the full understanding of how to change out my FPR to an aftermarket one. Ive seen a bunch of posts that state that this basically helps control the fuel and...
  6. High-comp Build: Tuning without an adjustable FPR?

    Naturally Aspirated
    First the specifics: 95 Hatch CX chassis Hiring a machine shop to rebuild a D16Y8 (pm6 pistons, milled head, Bismoto level 1 cam, etc.) stock SI fuel injectors (d16z6) to match wiring Walbro HP 190ph fuel pump The motor will be tuned on crome and I'm going for 11:1 static compression I've...