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  1. Engine Building
    Hello. I have a question about rods setup for my pistons. I'm planning to build high CR non-turbo ITB VTEC D16 (Z6 head, Z2 bottom, compcams 59300, Honda CBR ITB already redone to fit D16, Nippon P29 pistons, Y8 head gasket, of course ARP head and rod bolts and some other not worth mentioning...
  2. General Tech
    I currently have a re-manufactured D16y8 I want to be able to pull 250-300 Hp out of it reliably I plan on getting: Eagle rods Vitara pistons and a Crower forced induction Cam. I know the crank is great in this engine, But I've heard some bad things about the stock oil pump, any thoughts? Will...
  3. Forced Induction
    i know i am still a noob to the forums but i am in need of advice. me and my brother have been tossing the idea around of boosting our 1991 ef d15b7 we are in no rush/ no one drives the car daily.. ^^^^i DO NOT plan on boosting with stock internals things that i know i need full pieced...
  4. Engine Building
    I have done research but want a few things cleared up please, a d15b8 crankshaft has 45mm rod journals and all D-series have the same piston wrist pin size right? and isn't it forged just like the rest of the d series cranks?
  5. Engine Building
    Hey guys I am building my d16z6 turbo del sol and want to do it right, the motor setup I'm running ATM is a d16z6 with a zc head with arp head studs already.... My goal is to safely run 15lbs all day with the option to go to 20lbs if I want.... My plan is to get the motor bored 10 over to...
  6. Engine Building
    I am rebuilding my d16y8 for boost this summer and as always I will only be putting the best in my engine. Neglecting cost, what would be the best forged piston/rod combination in your opinion?
1-6 of 6 Results