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forced induction

  1. D15B7 Rebuild 95 Civic Hatch with 90,000 miles

    New Member Introductions
    Over the winter i am looking to completely rebuild my engine with forged internals, switch to a manual transmission, and throw a turbo in her. i have worked on the car before (have installed full exhaust system: headers, cat delete, yonaka catback exhaust, true cold air intake, throttle body...
  2. D16a6/z6 vitara at 10-12psi?

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys so I was just looking to see if anyone hasa similar setup to mine so I could ballpark estimate what kind of number I'm gonna put down. Motor: D16a6 block bored .20 over, notched, shimmed oilpump. Ycp vitara 75.50mm with speedfactory spec forged I beam rods Acl bearings, Speedfactory...
  3. budget turbo! advice please!

    Forced Induction
    alright so i have a d16z6 with about 150k on it, runs nice no knocks anything like that, but just to be safe i was going to do vitara piston and eagle rods, now i believe the normal bore is 75mm if im correct, so i was wondering if it would be reccomended to punch it out to 75.5mm or if i should...
  4. D16z6 first forced induction..

    Forced Induction
    I got a 95 civic ex with the d16z6 and plan on force inducing it, in mind right now I plan on vitara pistons and rods. and I'm planning on putting my own turbo kit together. I have general knowledge but am still very confused on parts I absolutely need and parts that are recommended. My car is...