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  1. D series and EF and other honda parts for sale!!!

    Engine Building
    first off, im am BRAND new to this forum and i dont exactly know were to put this thread so if the mods or admins think it should be moved feel free !!! anyways. i just took a trip in my CRX and picked up a LOAD of parts. im talking 5 crates of stuff and interior pieces. the works. ill be...
  2. georgia people

    General Tech
  3. Tein S. Tech's On Gas Struts(92-95 Civic & 94-01 Teggy)

    For Sale
    Authentic Tein S. Tech Lowering Springs FOR SALE $160 SHIPPED!! Very Smooth Ride! Feels like stock, but you are lowered. 3 struts are good, while the front right is blown. These came off of my 95 civic. I had the springs on for about 3000 miles and decided to go back to stiffer springs for...
  4. Jordans for sale stuff

    For Sale
    ok i got a few things that need to go here most of it being from different shit ive collected and dnt need fast cash is nice pm for offers prices are nagotiable to a point crx coilovers off ebay im sure 50 shipped and have the coilover keys 2 there yellow tho no struts a resistor box i got off...
  5. SPOONSOL'S for sale stuff

    For Sale
    just make an offer....this is all stuff id like to get rid of. just pm me with offers please UPDATE: Compression tester traded to PATA. JDM 1 wire o2 sensor reserved BRAND NEW IN BOX TIMING BELT AND TENSIONER ARE BACK UP FOR SALE...shoot me a pm for any details more pics and stuff further...
  6. z6 head plus valve covers

    For Sale
    *SOLD* i have a z6 head 150k on it and some random valve covers that i got for shits and giggles... 50 + shipping for head and you get a choice of the valve cover you want...i have the honda vtec one and i have a plain honda one
  7. FS: Scat H beam rods, Golden Eagle Block Guard

    For Sale
    Hey guys, For sale i have a set of d series SCAT H beam rods Brand new!! only one rod bag was opened. other three are still sealed im asking $260 obo Shipped I also have a d series golden eagle block guard brand new!! i am asking 80obo shipped thanks guys if i dont respond within a day here...
  8. *NEW* For Sale Thread (Updated Frequently)

    For Sale
    This is my NEW FOR SALE thread because my old one is way too cluttered with "BUMP" posts and old pictures of parts that i no longer own. I'm kinda tired of still recieving PM about the Sparco seat which was sold 8 months ago, which is my fault for not cleaning up my thread. HERE IS THE NEW LIST...