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  1. General Tech
    i have an 89 Civic Hatchback i'm a clean, stock, simple and done right type of person i don't want something "cheezed" but i would like to have the ablility to use fog lights. tho i also want to keep the stock look of the 88-91 series hatchbacks any ideas. i want to stay as far away from...
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for some 88-89 Prelude fog lights in decent condition with wiring and fog light switch or crx wiring and fog light switch. Let me know what you got, not looking to spend a arm and a leg. Trades welcome, I have lot's of oem Honda parts, mostly new, some used (most parts are for newer...
  3. 7th Gen
    What color fog lights do you think would look better on a black civic. clear smoked or yellow?
  4. General Tech
    i need a website or something on how to install fog lights in my 93 honda hatch Si please any help will be appreciated
1-4 of 4 Results