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  1. Did I ruin my flywheel?

    General Tech
    So, tomorrow I am doing a clutch replacement. I was replacing the clutch pilot bearing (cheap, so why not), banged it in with a small wood block. And this happened: Soo.. new flywheel? Epoxi glue? Fuck it and install it the way it is? Thanks everyone.
  2. Action ACR flywheel

    Transmission alley
    Hey guys, Anyone have any experience or insight into the Action ACR flywheel? I haven't seen or heard of it before, and am thinking about picking one up for my ongoing build (compiling that thread) along with a 2ms clutch. Anyways, googled with no success, including honda-tech and here...
  3. Supercharged Questions

    Forced Induction
    This may sound like a foolish question, but would anyone have any input on running a s/c d16y8 with a lightweight flywheel? I know the light flywheel is never a bad investment, but through some online digging I've found people saying that the light wheels are easier to crack. I was planning on...
  4. **oil on flywheel**

    Transmission alley
    So my clutch effed up on me, decided to upgrade, stage 2 exeddy clutch and pressure. Fidanza light flywheel.. slapped everything back together. Somehow, it sounds like my input shaft bearing is bad too. Anyhow, I had to take the tranny back off to check internals, when I was doing so, oil from...
  5. Vibration after flywheel/clutch installation!!

    Transmission alley
    Hello everyone!!, I have a 97 EX D16Y8, and I'm planning to turbocharge this engine!!, so I changed my clutch and flywheel, for a Stage 3 XTD clutch with a 8lbs flywheel (Yeah I know what I'm doing with XTD, but I have like 4 friends that are doing good with their hondas). I already had a...
  6. Just torque'd crankshaft mains, flywheel wont budge?

    Engine Building
    Hello and I need help! I just assembled my D16Y7 block with all OEM Y8 internals, and "King" OEM bearings. I had everything mic'd and hot tanked, and the machinist said being that everything is OEM, it should all bolt up and I could skip plastigage. So, I installed the crankshaft and bearings...
  7. Anyone Need A BNIB Clutch and Flywheel???

    For Sale
    My name is Kyle, I need to get this money up for school .. soo BUY!! .. three ways to reach me .. PM or respond on here, email me at [email protected] or you can text me at 4848217606. Located in Eastern PA... All prices obo.. 1996 GSR Front Brake Assembly .. Self Explanatory with these...