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  1. Transmission alley
    I have been doing some research and am hoping to build an L3 (cable) tranny with a 4.7 FD and 1.565 3rd gear. I came across a third gear set on Amazon - the brand is "Eurotek" which I had not heard of. Does anyone have any feedback on these...
  2. Whoopee Doo Racing
    Special has ended. This special will end on 9-13-09 at 11:59 PM EST. Only open to members who joined before 8-13-09 Free MFactory 3.083 first gear when you purchase the following from Whoopee Doo Racing: MFactory LSD (40mm) MFactory differential bearings MFactory final drive...
  3. Whoopee Doo Racing
    First and second too long on the strip or autocross? Want to have more fun on the way to the daily grind? Keep reading... -Made from 100% Pure Australian Steel, NOT cheap Chinese Steel -Advanced gear geometry designed using industry-leading software puts more power to the ground Available...
1-3 of 4 Results