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  1. DIY Forum
    i currently am driving a 2000 civic dx and recently bought a 2.5 inch catback and once i got into it i found it was not long enough aparently all models but the EX have the cat built into the stock exhaust manifold so the DX downpipes are much shorter than the EX's which leaves a huge gap in...
  2. Showcase
    Ok! Ive been a busy boy the last couple of weeks and figured I finally got enough done to start a build thread! :) OK some people will have seen the cage etc before on my cage thread but i wanna keep that seperate as there was a lot of questions bout materials etc that i dont want to take over...
  3. Showcase
    Heres my rollcage in my EG6 D16Z6 Civic. Just finished it, theres a lot of people on here asking for advice on Roll Cages and I think if you can do a descent job of welding it in yourself or finding someone to do it for you then in the UK is a good place to buy from. Im lucky, im a 19 year old...
1-3 of 3 Results