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  1. Showcase
    Hey everyone here is my 1993 Honda Civic that I’m starting to build . I will post updates as I go but if you want you can watch my vid and many more to come. Thanks everyone this is my first Honda so bare with me .
  2. Forced Induction
    So I just finished putting together my turbo d16y7 (450cc njectors, p28, walbro 255, etc...) and it starts up just fine, but theres a MASSIVE exhaust leak from what appears to be the hot side of the turbo, maybe from the cast manifold, or both. does anyone have a solution for this? all the bolts...
  3. General Tech
    Hello, I'm running a 3 inch Mandrel exhaust on my 96 Turbo Civic I have an 18 in Vibrant Resonator and a Magnaflow Muffler for the rear. I'd like to get something that will fit in the tunnel of the EK as well as quiet down the exhaust while being straight through. I don't know the diameter...
  4. Engine Building
    Hey I'm new to engine building, this is my first "project car", it's a 2000 Civic DX. I did some investigating, and found that the car is completely junked because of the poorly-done aftermarket parts that were put on before I had bought it. It has a cold air intake (filter rubbed against the...
  5. New Member Introductions
    hey guys, what catback should i run on my stock jdm d15b vtec? any suggestions? and how are the ebay ones?
  6. New Member Introductions
    So i just got my d15b and im wanting to order an exhaust, prefer a skunk2, what size and best exhaust would go for my motor?
  7. General Tech
    So I have been playing g around with the idea for aa while and this summer I got the chance to Starr to put it in action. I took a old throttle body I had lying around chped it up and added a IAB vacuum diaphragm to it to actuate it just like the iabs on a GRS or h22 engine. This way the cut out...
  8. General Tech
    The exhaust pipe on my civic has rusted off just behind the cat. However the bracket that holds the pipe on is still intact. Being a poor college student I can really afford to have it repaired or buy a new catback kit which is what it probably needs. Can i just buy a matching diameter pipe...
  9. General Tech
    My exhaust has been sounding a little ricey lately due to some small holes on a certain rusted pipe. Then just the other day i hit a pothole and did it in. The pipe broke completely off just behind the cat. Im now driving a full on weed wacker.
  10. For Sale
    I have for sale a BRAND NEW, unused cast turbo exhaust manifold. I purchased it new for $60 along with the metal gasket for $6. Thanks! Up on ebay now for $10 with no reserve...go get it! lol
  11. Naturally Aspirated
    I have access to a welder, and a machine shop so I've been planning on making a new axle back for my car. One that utilizes a straight pipe design and not a muffler. Now the issue I'm having is that I see designs like the Buddy Club Spec II which have a nice tone and it seems to be exactly what...
  12. General Tech
    Hi i recently bought a kteller exaust pipe kit for my crx (2.5 in) Im looking for a muffler that has the same size inlet pipe but i dont want it to sound ricy. Any sugestions would be great. Thanks
  13. General Tech
    I have a 94 civic ex d16z6 that I just recently built. I am in the break in process now and after driving it today, I popped the hood only to find smoke and oil pooled up betweed the head and the top of the manifold. The exhaust is not gray and thick. the build is as follows: D16Z6 Block 75mm...
  14. Engine Management
    Got a 97 Honda Civic EX, owners before me blew the block so its got a mini me swap now (Y7 Block Y8 Head), I'm wondering where the catalytic converter is located with this setup? Also looking to buy this DC Sports Exhaust system: SCS7020 DC Sports Exhaust Systems - Single Canister (Stainless...
  15. General Tech
    hey guys, im currently running a 96 ek2 entirely JDM (ie i live in japan) including the tiny d13b4 motor. i want to do some exhaust and intake work and i need some more info. for the exhaust i havent decided what headers i want to use because im not sure what will all work with minimum...
  16. DIY Forum
    i currently am driving a 2000 civic dx and recently bought a 2.5 inch catback and once i got into it i found it was not long enough aparently all models but the EX have the cat built into the stock exhaust manifold so the DX downpipes are much shorter than the EX's which leaves a huge gap in...
  17. Engine Management
    Hey everybody, I am going to be replacing my stock header on my D16z6 this week-end. I have an after-market one from DNA-performance. Any thing....tricks, tips, ect.. I should know before doing the swap? Thanks guys.
  18. New Member Introductions
    hi im from idaho and now live in dc. im still a noob but i thin this is my third or fourth posting. Anyways the reason im making this thread is that ive been scouring the internet and i cant seem to find the answers by my self, so i guess its time to ask! lol So i have a 90 hatch with a 93 d15b...
  19. General Tech
    If there is another thread dealing with this, please point me to it...I couldn't find one myself. I have a 96 civic hatch for which I bought an ebay header-back exhaust (my old exhaust rusted out and I needed one fast). My current set up is 4-2-1 header - downpipe has a 2" OD. It came with a...
1-20 of 37 Results