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  1. Engine Building
    Lately the car has been putting out a lot of fuel fumes while idle. My cabin air intake seems to suck it right out of the bay and pump it into my face. My nose leads me to either the fuel filter (which looks perfectly fine) or the EVAP canister (which has everything attached except the vacuum)...
  2. Engine Building
    95 CX Chassis w/same year engine harness D16Y8 Engine w/ Performer X intake manifold I'm trying to figure out how to hook up the hose from the evaporative emmision purge control diaphragm to the intake manifold. On a D16Z6/D15B8 it looks like this (hose from diaphragm to throttle body): The...
  3. General Tech
    Is there a good way to fool the sensors in an EVAP for OBD II cars? Since it's possible to fool the Oxygen sensor readings for OBD II cars with O2 sensor simulators, is there something similar for the EVAP sensors, or is it possible to splice the correct resistors into the circuits so the evap...
1-3 of 3 Results