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  1. Camshafts

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great day. I wanted to know what everyone's opinion is on camshafts. I'm looking at getting Brian Crower Stage 2 camshaft for my d16y7. I want to get Brian Crower, Skunk2, or Blox racing. Which would be the best.
  2. Engine Issues D16Y7

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, new here to D-series forums. I own a D16Y7 and I'm having some trouble starting and this is an unusual problem. Yes I have done some google work already let's get that out of the way. Let me brief you: So i have this d16y7 engine that I pulled out of a 96 LX. The distributor was offset...
  3. what to get / how? first build

    New Member Introductions
    Looking to build up a engine I picked up well I keep the one currently in my car stock to I get this one built ( that and just to have a back up as it is my daily as well) I have done some research but still have questions and I know the stock block can handle power on stock internals but I want...
  4. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    While this is a short review for a Hakosuka (Nissan, not Honda), it might help somebody who is starting from zero: Vehicle Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuka 1972 This is the kind of car that requires the motivation to be turning switches on and off depending on the season. It should be fun to watch...
  5. Will gasket of D16 fit in D17A engine?

    7th Gen
    I have a honda civic 2004 7th gen pkdm (Pakistan), it originally had D16 engine which i had to swap and now it has D17A engine. Due to heatup issues i need to change the gasket, honda company obviously here makes gasket of D16 original engine so I want to know if I can fit gasket of D16 engine...
  6. Need help, d15b7 running issuies

    Engine Management
    hi. im new here. loooking for answers. i have a d15b7 that will pull fine when cold. when it heats up, it will barly get up to speed, even in first gear. also i am having bed e check problems, way over on hydrocarbons. So im wondering can this be my 02 ? could this be causeing it to run ritch? i...
  7. Engine Harness Article

    Motorsports ECU Wiring Harness Construction
  8. Replacing D16Z6 with D15B2

    Engine Building
    I am trying to replace the engine in my 95 Honda Civic Hatch with the old engine out of my 90 Honda Civic Hatch. I blew the engine in the 95 and totaled the 90 so i am taking the Z6 head and throwing it on the D15b2 body. i got everything swapped over but the engine mounts wont line up with the...
  9. Car cranks but doesnt start d15

    General Tech
    i recently did my spark plugs spark plug wires and dizz cap and vavle seals. The car started after i did the work. then i week later when i tried to start it it would crank but wouldnt start. so i checked for spark at the wires thier was none. so i went to check the coil its weak so i went ahead...
  10. Jacks B18B Build Log

    Preface Where to begin? Last summer I bought a 1993 EG8. The car is in excellent condition for its year, has been garage kept and stored in the winter for the last 10 years by the previous owner. Not a single trace of rust to be found on the entire car. A rare find in Southern Ontario...
  11. building a d series engine to go fast

    New Member Introductions
    i have a 1990 honda civic with a d series engine not sure which one it doesnt say on the side where it is suposed to be, anyways, i kinda like the fact that it is stock how ever i would like more power how should i go about doing this any suggestions? i have heard of replacing the head with a...
  12. engine stalls out

    General Tech
    95 d15bz6, Phearable chipped p28 ecu tuned on Crome (tuned by a pro). the car is an 89 CRX DX. so it fires up fine idles fine as soon as it has any temp on the gauge it starts to sputter and misfire (seems like the fuel pump is going out) and stalls. you can drive it for a while but it will...
  13. Built D16Z6 engine - buy it whole or buy the block or head

    For Sale
    Head: D16Y8 Cleaned, checked, 3 angle valve job Supertech Valve Springs Supertech Titanium Retainers Bisimoto/Web Level 2.4 Cam (Rated for up to a 80HP Gain over stock!) - almost $500 by itself after shipping! All new manifold studs and nuts ARP head studs Blue valve cover Block: D16Z6 Cleaned...
  14. D16y5 need tranny

    Transmission alley
    I am switching from a 4 speed to a 5 speed transmission and need to know a couple things about them. Will my old axles fit this new transmission and if I have to get different axles will they fit my hub for the wheels? (dseries to d series) can I use the same ecu since I will be changing from...
  15. B16 parts in a d15b

    Engine Building
    :screwy:I was wondering if you could use d16 rods and crank in a d15 block I know that the rods are the same length and the crank has very similar shape. Let me know what you guys think.
  16. engine rattling need help

    New Member Introductions
    hey d-series. i know this is for Honda but no one on nissan forums would help so here i am. well, my gf car is making a rattling/clicking noise from the engine. we took it to the shop and said it had no compression in 2 cylinder but has no air leaks. i've changed spark plugs and did a seafoam so...
  17. Help D14A4 to D16z6 engine swap

    Engine Building
    Hello, im new to posting and asking worthwhile questions but here goes. I have been trolling forums to find out everything im going to need for a the swap. I have a 96 EJ9 D14A4 and im planning to swap in a D16Z6 , I have been doing some research and have worked out that the actual engine and...
  18. Looking for d16z6 project

    Engine Building
    I have found one for 450 bucks for the motor without trans 111k good deal? What did you guys pay? I wouldn't mind one that has high miles because I want to rebuild it what did you pay for a high mileage ones?
  19. 2000 Civic EX VTEC blown engine

    General Tech
    i have a 2000 Civic EX VTEC 5 speed manual. About 2 weeks ago I blew then engine, crankshaft needs replaced, plus who knows what else. There were metal chunks throughout the oil pan. I am having an extremely difficult time find a direct D16Y8 replacement engine. So what are my other options...
  20. Upgrading my engine, please help me!!!

    New Member Introductions
    To start, I have 1998 Honda civic si. The only aftermarket parts on the car is the rims, tires, lowering springs, muffler, and sound system. The engine (D16Y8) is completely stock. I'm looking to start upgrading my engine and I'm not sure where to start. I don't have alot of money to spend, but...