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  1. Engine Building
    I have an 89 Acura Integra LS with a D16A1 and want to make it fast. I’ve learned that it’s nearly impossible to swap anything fun onto it because of its DOHC configuration and the lack of other engines not matching up with the trans. What I will probably end up doing is just buying a whole new...
  2. General Tech
    This is my first civic, and only my second vehicle ever, so I have very little knowledge or experience 🤣 I've been told the d16y8 head is really restrictive and that's why they apparently don't respond as well to all the bolt on upgrades as others. I've found a lot of seemingly contradictory...
  3. General Tech
    Okay so im brand new to modifying cars and things of the sort. I bought a d16y7 with a y8 head(mini me) with the y8 ecu and harness and i want to put it in my 1994 eg hatch should everything plug in play I have a p2p-a12 ecu
  4. General Tech
    Hello, I just recently swapped my 93 civic lx d15 motor and trans for a 97 D16zc with trans with 57k on both from HMO. We did everything right but discovered that 1 of the fuel injectors was bad so it wouldn’t start. A buddy of ours came over with some new injectors and she started right up...
  5. 7th Gen
    I have a honda civic 2004 7th gen pkdm (Pakistan), it originally had D16 engine which i had to swap and now it has D17A engine. Due to heatup issues i need to change the gasket, honda company obviously here makes gasket of D16 original engine so I want to know if I can fit gasket of D16 engine...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, Ive been looking over engine swaps again for my 1999 Canadian EJ6 civic DX HB and found that doing a k20a swap is to much for my wallet atm (College life), so i was thinking that doing a OBD2 D15B VTEC swap so i can get rid of my dreaded D16y7 non-VTEC. Im not looking for crazy number...
  7. DOHC ZC
    I was going to order one from jdm engine depot because its some what local but i heard such bad reviews. So where did you buys yours!
  8. New Member Introductions
    My D15B7 in my 95 civic has been burning about a quart of oil every 100 miles. Sadface, and now I finally have the chance for an engine swap! First off I would like to know if you guys think ebay is a decent place to buy a used / rebuild engine ? If not, where could I find one ? Also Would it...
  9. General Tech
    Hi everyone... ok so my d16y7 blew in my 97 dx so i ordered a d15b obd2 engine from tigerjapanese and me and my friends just about finished installing it...just a few background details that may or may not be necassary to know first before i get into the two issues I am still usin...
  10. General Tech
    All right, I bought a 97 Civic DX with 240,000 miles from a buddy for $500 bucks. I've put a stock exhaust, new tires and a half shaft on it bringing my total investment to ~$900. I love the thing. It's my first Honda and I now see why everyone loves them. One problem though, oil is leaking into...
  11. General Tech
    hey guys. im pretty tired of going slow in my stock d16z6. i was debating whether to do a swap or to just build it. what do you all think? thanks :D
1-11 of 11 Results