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  1. D15B swap ECU and harness

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    Previous owner did a d swap into a 1991 honda crx si that I purchased from him. The motor is a d15B 3-stage v-tec with the stock Pm6-A09 ecu. It looked like he kept the stock engine harness too. If I get a p28 ECU, what harness should I get to run to complete the swap? the radiator fans, oxygen...
  2. obdo to obd1or2 z6 minime

    Engine Building
    My 91 civic has a d16z6 head on a d15b2 block. It was like this when i got it. instead of converting to the obd1 they ran the vtec through a msd ignition switch and kept the obdo harness. The only distributor that would work came out of a ls integra it had to be modified to bolt up, looks like...
  3. Where to find, how to on engine harnesses

    Engine Management
    I've tried searching and couldnt find anything, does anyone know where to find a diy on making an engine harness for 5th gen (92-95) ex coupes?