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  1. D16 aftermarket bearing sizes to OEM color crossover

    Engine Building
    Does anyone by any chance know what color the STD bearings would be closest to? I have found lists for the thickness of each color but i cant seem to find a thickness for the aftermarket STD bearings and i have ran into bearing clearance issues due to the lovely array of bearing sizes Honda...
  2. 99 d15b OBD2 question

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, Ive been looking over engine swaps again for my 1999 Canadian EJ6 civic DX HB and found that doing a k20a swap is to much for my wallet atm (College life), so i was thinking that doing a OBD2 D15B VTEC swap so i can get rid of my dreaded D16y7 non-VTEC. Im not looking for crazy number...
  3. Rod Bearing Issue - Original Bearings Don't Match Codes

    Engine Building
    Hey Everyone, I'm rebuilding a D15B7 with around 285,000 miles on it. The bottom end had never been apart. Upon dis-assembly, we found all rods had a '2' code with the crank code being C,B,B,B... with C being cylinder #1. Based on that information and the service manual's chart (as I read it)...
  4. Maximizing quench

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, ive been looking through this forum the last week and looking at a lof peoples builds trying to figure out my own. I found a build in peticular that i really like. I am doing my y7 for my 1st build so i have some experience b4 i jump rite into something crazy. So on that note imma...
  5. d16z6 Questions.

    Forced Induction
    I am building my first z6 motor for turbo. I am looking for 400 hp. As of now I only have a sleeved block with 76mm bore. I also have a low milege stock head. My first task is to get the correct pistons and rods. I was thinking of getting vitaras (76mm) pistons. What rings would I use. Also...
  6. D16y8

    Engine Building
    Hi I'm maurice from Springfield ma and recently I've come across a d16y8 motor and transmission I previosuly had a d16y7 blk with a z6 head now that I've aqquired the y8 blk nd tranny I plan on boostin it to withstand 15 20 pnds wat mods do u reccormend ?I am gonna port and polish the head,get a...
  7. Does p29 mess with main bearings?

    Engine Building
    building a z6 block with p29 but now my main bearings dont match up. i bought OEM main bearings and i did match them the color their supposed to be. so is the wrist pin higher or lower on the rod? will that mess with the main bearing clearance?