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  1. D16Y7 from Bulgaria NA build

    Hello and greetings from Bulgaria. I'm new here and English is not my first language so i'm sorry for any mistakes or if the thread is not in the right section. I will try to be short. I have the car civic ej9 with D14A4 for about 4 years and it's a non stop ungoing project. At first i started...
  2. D16 Stroker Question

    Engine Building
    Hello, I've decided to build a stroker engine out of the D16Y1 from my EP2. D17's seem to be the way to go, but since I am new to Honda I was looking for some info regarding Honda engines in general. At the end of the engine code, eg D16Y1, D17Y8, what denotes (in this case) the 'Y' value? Can...
  3. D16Y8 High Comp

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys just looking into some better information and tips anyone has for building a High Compression D16Y8, I currently have one in my 2000 EL but I bought another engine and transmission off a friend for $100 (for good reason, it was shit inside) Cylinder 2 and 3 are both egg shaped at the...
  4. Just got a wagon..

    New Member Introductions
    Hey, I'm a noob. I just bought a 91 RT4WD Wagon. The body is pretty decent as well as the interior. No rips, nothing missing. It has a d16a6, and I got it for a good deal, but it's leaking like a sieve. So I'm thinking I'm gonna pull the engine and replace all of the seals and gaskets, as well...
  5. D16y8 ex turbo build questions

    Forced Induction
    Hello I am new to this forum but have done tons of research and need definate answers on building my turbo set up. Im a chevy guy at heart but when i read and watch videos of d16's ripping down the track i couldnt help but buy a clean cheap ej8. I posted these questions on the "forced induction"...
  6. D15b Turbo Engine build

    Engine Management
    I have a JDM D15b Turbo'd with a 50trim (ebay turbo) and on wg 5psi and controller 8-10 psi. Just got a DD and looking to tear apart the engine and make it into a monster. Currently am making upward of 200+ HP worried about snapping Rods with it. Would like some ideas what to get as far as...
  7. Hello fellow noobs

    New Member Introductions
    Just thought id say hi to all my fellow noobs to this site and to engine building. My name is joe and im from strong island, ny! Im a honda fanatic and my goal is to one day kno every single aspect to creating amazing motors and setups, so dont mind me if i ask a million questions. I just...
  8. Small engine question, hope i dont get flamed

    General Tech
    so i currently own a 98 civic hatch, D16y7. i have a cracked header, which we all know is the most wonderful thing in the world (sarcasm) we all know how honda had that great idea. so going on vacation tomorrow morning, and when i get back, i wanna fix my problems, my idle goes nuts some days...
  9. Build or swap?

    General Tech
    hey guys. im pretty tired of going slow in my stock d16z6. i was debating whether to do a swap or to just build it. what do you all think? thanks :D