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  1. Engine Management
    How to setup proper OIL and FUEL pressure control in AEMTuner / AEM Series 2 EMS This guide was made originally by [email protected] and was intended to help you to setup the oil/fuel pressure control, specifying the minimum pressure allowed for each rpm.. as a safety function. For this to work...
  2. Engine Building
    well im a newb and ive been searching for a while but i figured ill just go ahead and ask i was planning on getting the stage 2 crower cam for my d17a2 and i plan to have the car turbo'd by this mid summer. will i suffer a power loss running the turbo cam and will i need to buy a stand alone ems...
  3. Whoopee Doo Racing
    AEM Series 2 EMS AEM's Series 2 Programmable Engine Management System is more powerful than its predecessor. In addition to more robust hardware, there are several improvements over the original EMS. Like its predecessor, AEM's Series 2 Plug & Play EMS plugs directly into a vehicle's factory...
1-3 of 3 Results