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  1. General Tech
    Hi I'm new to the forum, but I just bought a 1995 honda civic ex with a d16z6 in it and in oregon we are required to take emissions testing here my car failed for over double the required hydrocarbons, here's what I've done recently replaced the headgasket, new spark plugs, new o2 sensor, new...
  2. General Tech
    i have to go for my emission test rather soon. so i went to auto zone to check my mil light that came up a while back got a code for nonfunctional oxygen sensor heater circuit/sensor. 1997 civic ex d16y8 5mt P2P (ecu, obd2a) wanted to see if anyone has pinouts for p2p ecu. everything i found so...
  3. Engine Management
    K so im curious what I have to do hear. Im currently working on a turbo project. Rebuilding top to bottom my y7 in my 96 DX and puttin a turbo on it. Well it doesnt seem practical to buy a stand alone due to money. but obviously its extremely easy to convert to obd1 ecu. The problem I have is...
1-4 of 4 Results