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  1. General Tech
    I've got a 2001 Civic LX I bought with a junk d17a1 in. Decided to go jdm and started my swap. I've got it all put together now but I'm getting a p1607 code (pcm internal fault) along with it not running 100% (it's missing and rpms jump when you let off the gas) My question is did I fry my ECU...
  2. 7th Gen
    Quick history of how I ended up with my current project. I had a co-worker, whose son had developed epilepsy and had to sell his 02 EM2 Coupe. Here is the caveat I have never built out a Honda engine of any type, and ended up with an extra engine out of the deal. I ended up with a JDM D15B 3...
  3. Engine Building
    So i was gonna sell my 05 civic ex but decided that id deal with the pain of having a 127hp engine. Ive been contemplating what to do so that it actually can gain some hp and thought i should just run it by some ppl with d series engines. I was thinking of getting a STAGE 1 CAMSHAFT from CROWER...
1-3 of 3 Results