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  1. 1998 EJ6 Mini-Me build Y8 or D6 Head!?!?

    Engine Building
    Since high school I’ve always wanted a little Honda since most my friends had 90s era Hondas growing up. I’ve driven quite a few from ef with sohc vtec to a GSR dohc vtec. I had some extra cash and decided I wanted a little project car and found something for a great price. I picked up a 98...
  2. looking for feedback

    Engine Building
    Hello everyone im thinking about starting a new build on my y7 and was wondering if i could possibly get some feedback on it plz no smartass in sort of new at this so plz bear with me lol...... d16y7 block y8 head brian crowler stage 2 street cam with titanium retainers and springs valves p29...
  3. EJ6 project

    Working on this EJ6 I've had for about a month, so far its only gotten coils, short shifter, wheels painted and custom interior done. Will put up pics as soon as I can but for now the site isn't letting me strangely :online2long: If anyone has advice one why I can't post the pics let me know...
  4. y8/z6 mini me choice

    New Member Introductions
    I plan on doing a mini me swap on my 97 ej6, I got the stock y7 block and am trying to figure out if I should go y8 head or z6. Would appreciate some insight on the differences and opinions. I plan on getting it turbo'd later but thats after I get the rest of the car done. Thanks for the help.
  5. Start of a Project

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I just recently bought a 97 EK hatch (ej6 I believe) and I plan on making it into my first and ultimate project car. It only has a d16y7 in it and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what to start with? I know I want to give it a vtec head and to boost it later on, but I...
  6. 96 ej6 shell build up

    Hi long time lurker, reader, and fan this is my first post and my first build thread ive been into hondas for three years now I have an ej8 which was my first car that I bought with my own money. Now I own an ej6 that I purchased as a shell to build from scratch. This thread will be...
  7. Cheap k20a2... worth it?

    General Tech
    I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and he's decided to part ways with his dream of having a k swap. He wants to sell everything he has right now for $1500, says he'll sell it all to me for $1200. He's got a k20a2 w/ 6spd tranny, the ecu, and the engine harness. From what I've been...
  8. no power to injectors/reistor box

    General Tech
    jut looking to confirm some things while figuring this out. i wired in ond0 plugs and a resistor box. i was not careful of wires touching during the wiring job and i had not disconnected the battery. after i finished wiring and covered all my solders, i cranked it over fine, fuel pump primed and...
  9. Whats up guys!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, just wanna Say whats up! Im on here to learn as much as possible bout the d series engines. I have basic knowledge of d series but thats bout it. I am planning my 1st build rite now, im keeping it simple cus its my 1st build and i wanna have a build under my belt b4 i go all out!
  10. Y7 build help!!!

    New Member Introductions
    Whats up dseries! Im planning on taking my car off the road soon cus its burns oil like crazy! I would do a crazy turbo build and swap to a gsr but since i have to move next year i cant spend that kind of money. After learning bout the d series engines i woukd like to build a mild y7 all motor...
  11. Loki [ej6 content]

    New Member Introductions
    [daily driver status] mods: honda del sol seats - black 94-01 integra LS mesh wheels - white 99-00 civic SI grill 99-00 civic SI gauge cluster 99-00 civic SI center console oem antenna block off plate eibach 26mm front sway bar aluminum rear tow hook aluminum extended black lugs lamin-X...
  12. 97 ej6 turbo project

    Forced Induction
    Im new to the site but have been reading and planning out my turbo build on my d16y7 for a few months now. Im planning on doing a y8 mini-me swap for my first modification. I plan to use a p28 obd1 ecu after the y8 swap which will make tuning easier. Currently my car has a full exhaust with...
  13. My build thread 50k no no

    I like to explain alot for some unknown reason so here it is: sorry for huge pics.. Well here the story starts!! Last summer my brother had bought a Cadillac Brogham that was sorta a POS and needed some work(remember that). We have had a family friend for many years for when we were in the...