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  1. My First EJ2 Project

    Sooo i scored this beauty off the side of the highway for $175 bucks (long story) She has a blown motor but the body was decent. Right now i have completely gutted it and disassembled the dash to accent it. Sorry EJ2 not EJ1
  2. D15b2 info questions

    General Tech
    Didn't quite know where else to put this; I'm gonna have to dissamble my '94 EJ2 cyl head, due to change of bad valve seals (exhaust/intake). I have absolutely zero experience with honda engines as I've recently changed over from BMW. So, I'm planning on replacing all possible parts that will...
  3. Sup guys

    New Member Introductions
    I'm all new to this forum. Bought my first honda two weeks ago and can't wait to begin on it. I'm 19-years old and I live in the south of Norway. I've owned two bmw e36's, one of as I still have (320i, 155-160hp) as I used it as transport to pick up ny new honda. I've totally changed it from...

    Engine Management
    Can anybody help me I need a basemap for a stock jdm d15b vtec on a 50 wet shot I'm using crome any type of help will be greatly appreciated
  5. tuning for nos help!!!

    Engine Management
    new to tuning and can somebody provide me with information on how to tune on nos i have a stock jdm d15b trying to tune on 50 shot
  6. High compression jdm d15b vtec

    Engine Building
    Is this a good build and will it be reliable Gx pistons Arp head studs & rod bolts Ported head 340cc injectors 255 walbro 100 wet shot
  7. 95 EJ D15B Vtec Swap help!

    Engine Building
    Okay, so here is the story. I drive a 95 DX coupe with a sluggish D15B7 powerplant. I've been doing a fair share of research and fumbled with many different possible ideas for swaps. More and more each day, I'm leaning towards dropping a JDM D15B VTEC in there. Has anyone done this swap...
  8. d16z6 vtec?

    New Member Introductions
    so i have a d16z6 motor laying in my shop i know it runs cuz i puled it out of a wrecked honda however i have no idea whether it is vtec or not can somebody help me and tell me how to find out if it is?