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  1. say Hello to MR Burns

    So here you are another shit box ej.I'm have some time so some more Work can be done on this thing.gradually this car will be transformed into a heap. When I first got it it was automatic with a y7,, Drove it like that for a while ,,,anyway that was shitty so I put a td04 off of an acura rdx...
  2. SSSSSOooooooooo... I kinda... haha

    SSSSSOooooooooo... I kinda... Got ANOTHER Toy, 92 vx I kinda ADDED ANOTHER ONE to my collection!!!! Soooo.... I had those green del sol rims.... and the extra B18 for my EK hatch.... Yea.... I kinda traded those for a DA Shell.... BUT WAIT! ummm.... I kinda Traded that for an EG 4...