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  1. type of starter????

    New Member Introductions
    So i bought a D15B7 motor with a 5spd manual transmission but... The motor didnt come with a starter :(. Ive serched online for starters nd came up with 2 types... Nippondenso nd mitsuba. What one do i buy? The motor came out of a 95 civic dx. My old motor was an automatic nd the mounting holes...
  2. Need help fast :(

    New Member Introductions
    I was driving down the highway when my motor lost compression then the check engine light came on. I slowed down nd my car started shaking violently nd the motor sounds like a fucking boxer motor. When i stoped at the stop light my car stalled nd wouldnt start back up untill i got home nd yet...
  3. Things NO ONE told me about TURBOS

    Forced Induction
    Things NO ONE told me about installing a TURBO These are things NO ONE ever told me about getting/installing a turbo. Now that I have boosted my 93 civic eg6, D15B7 these things are SO obvious, but when I didn’t know about it, I was all over the internet looking for answers. I found a lot of...
  4. Rattle noise after shortshifter was installed?

    Transmission alley
    So my friend installed some energy bushings and a short shifter for my eg hatch with a d16y8. After a few days with it I begin to hear a lot of rattle noises in 1st 3rd and 5th gears. (rattling might have started earlier, I listen to music kinda loud so i might not have heard it in the...
  5. What color goes with my color?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    So i found a good deal on some konig rollers! I have a EG hatch and im looking to get some 15x8 with a 32+ offset. I will be getting them with fallen ziex 195/50/15 tires. There is a choice between "virtual smoke" (glossy black) or a silver color. My car is a custom blue/ green. Since my car has...
  6. A/c system for d16y8??

    Engine Building
    So i did a swap to a d16y8 for my e.g. hatch and i want ac. Theres a big heatwave coming and well i have the cash for it haha. So i see a bunch of things on craigslist for a/c systems but I'm just wondering what i need to watch to for. What does a whole a/c system consist of? What are general...
  7. Eg Hatch: Simple and Clean

    Sup D boys im new to the forum, this is my EG. Currently live in Texas but moving to Colorado in a week. Still has the stock d15z1 w/ 216k running strong. D15b swap starts going in 2morow these pics where from today. Mods: Frost white paint ( Over factory white ) Ksport full adjustable...
  8. 92-95 Civic Rear Mud Flaps

    For Sale
    92-95 Civic Rear Mud Flaps PRICE LOWERED! You can see where the one tab is missing, other than that they are great! $7.94 + Shipping C'mon hatchies!