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  1. General Tech
    I’ve never built a D series and I’m starting a turbo build for my 94’ dx. It has the 1.5 non vtec. I want to boost it w vitara no-notch h-beams and swap in a vtec head ( w the proper high fuel map ecu ofc) but im havin trouble finding a trustworthy turbo kit and don’t know which vtec head will...
  2. General Tech
    Hey! I am new to the forum but I recent just picked up a 1992 Eg Si. The car came with a d15b Vtec boosted. No name turbo. I need a tune horribly! But first need some parts. Right now the car goes fine and runs fine but the turbo dies off at 5000 rpm. and I have to ease into it for it to spool...
  3. Showcase
    Hey Guys, My name is Jonathan and I am a mechanical engineer in Florida. I have had a 2007 Candyglory red Honda RC46 for the last seven years, which I have been building continuously and it is my pride and joy (hence the user name). I recently acquired a 92 Civic SI and I am in the process of...
  4. General Tech
    hey, kind of a n00b here on d-series. but i figured ill make an introductory post after i get my car to start lol. anyways, i have a 95 eg hatch, did an ls swap a while ago, shit the bed. then went cheap and did a z6 swap. never hooked up vtec. i will once the car starts. but i had problems with...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I have been looking for a GTR (or something super aggressive other than a duck) style wing for my EG, I've found some for EK's but nothing for EG's. Anybody have one or a good source. I don't need anything functional I just want a super aggressive wing that really stands out. I really appreciate it.
1-5 of 6 Results