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  1. Engine Building
    anyone ever put an obd2 jdm d16a in a ef? already mpfi converted, mainly concerned about leaving the ckf plug, unplugged, will this cause any probs?will it even start, already swapped the alternator and dizzy, IM, pm6 ecu and trans from my d15b7
  2. Engine Building
    So, I am in the middle of building my DD EF sedan, and I'm doing a mpfi and obd1 swap to open up more upgrade routes for further down the road. At the moment I need to figure out the injector wiring. I have a obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper harness, P06 ecu, b7 intake mani and a td41u dizzy. Ive...
  3. General Tech
    So I have a D16Z6 swapped 1991 EF Sedan LX. I just did a full rebuild on it including a new distributor, plugs, wires, gaskets, bearings, etc.. My problem is now that it wont start. The starter engages, cranks the engine, but its like there's no compression. It cranks and "poofs" like the sound...
1-3 of 3 Results