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ef hatch

  1. For Sale
    Hey DSO Fam! I know it's been a while. Life changes and transforms in strange and beautiful ways. I'm at a point in my life where it's time to get rid of my long time project and I'm certain that a current or next generation DSO member will benefit most from the time/money/blood/sweat/happiness...
  2. General Tech
    Happy new year my friends. I got a problem with my distribuitor obd 0 in my 91 EF hatch (jdm duak carb d15b/d15z1 Vtec-e head, basically i take the engine out to do a clutch change, basic maintenance and wire tuck, i drop and stage 1 exedy clutch with a light flywheel, and later drop the engine...
  3. Engine Building
    i am new to the honda world and i bought a 91 ef HB shell for $350. I hav bought a d15b1 and 4speed tranny. and i was wondering wat i would hav to do if i was to put a b7 head on my b1 block. Would there b any gain from it? What ecu would i need? They cut the wiring harness that was in it, so...
  4. New Member Introductions
    i have a ef hatch 91 converted 2 mpfi running on a d16z6 ok i just bought the msd coil blasted ss kit and i need wiring diagram or anything on how to connect it anything will help me im just trying 2 get my car back running thankz for the help guys
  5. General Tech
    Looking to invest on a roof rack, any suggestions from experience as far as quality? pics of your setup would be helpful too.
  6. DOHC ZC
    I don't know how to read.
  7. Naturally Aspirated
    i hav a 91 ef hatch wid stock d15b2 with dual point and 4spd tranny, shud i wrk wid wut i got or swap n a z6 or d15 vtec...i wanna raise tha compression as i as i can...i was gonna swap n a mpfi intake manifold n build up tha stock engine... it was hard 2 find h/c parts 4 tha non vtec d15 thats...