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  1. USDM ECU in JDM Engine...Can you do this?

    General Tech
    Hello guys Could you run a usdm ecu with a jdm engine? The ecu is going to be chipped with a hondata s300. But I havent been able to find some clear answers online, so id love to know if this is possible. Since finding a compatible jdm ecu is a pain in the ass. And if it is doable does the...
  2. Rattling from ECU

    Engine Management
    I was in the process of removing my ECU when I heard a rattling noise coming from inside. I opened it up to find a chip loose. This bring me to my 3 questions. What exactly is this chip for? What can cause it to dislodge itself? Can it be resoldered?
  3. ECU tuning questions

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys! Im going to turbocharge my d16y7 soon and I was wondering about engine management, If i say id buy an P28 socketed and chipped ecu from H-tune. co . uk, Can i plug that ecu to my computer and connect it with Crome or whichever tuning software we use? Thanks!:online2long:
  4. Injectors Problem!!!!!!!!

    New Member Introductions
    D16Y8-No Power To Injectors I was replacing my injectors for a bigger size (450cc) aftermarket, they where suppose to be direct fit but you know ebay stuff, any way after fitting and wiring I got it to start and run , BUT i left the wires expose and when I try to move them out of the way (the...
  5. Will a Faulty ECU still produce a spark?

    Hi All, So ive been working on a Turbo build for a 1992 EG D16Z6 UKDM and ive got it all back together and trying to get it to fire up into life. It is turning over but wont start. Ive got fuel and spark. I have jumped the OBD 2 pin plug and is showing code 0. It is either ECU, MAP or Fuel...
  6. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    While this is a short review for a Hakosuka (Nissan, not Honda), it might help somebody who is starting from zero: Vehicle Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuka 1972 This is the kind of car that requires the motivation to be turning switches on and off depending on the season. It should be fun to watch...
  7. p2p ecu problems scanner not reading

    Engine Management
    i have a 99 civic ex with the y8 of course, but its an a/t wah wah.. my problem is, my iacv was not working period (new iacv, and ran new wires from ecu) the car ran for a bit until someone stepped on the ecu while it was on the floor and broke the second ground from the d plug. after that, no...
  8. d15 auto to manual electricals

    Transmission alley
    Hi all my question is when changing from an auto to manual gearbox is there any special wiring that needs to be done? To trick the ecu or somthing? Thanks.
  9. Voltage Back Up Learned Behaviors

    Engine Management
    Hello, What additional information does the ECU (OBD1) learn and store using the Voltage Back Up? Plug D1, gets 12V from under hood fusebox via C131 Does anyone know where to find more information? I have heard for "Emissions" but not much more. Thanks
  10. P28 and Arduino

    Engine Management
    I have a 94 Honda Civic DX Hatchback with a D16Z6 engine, and P28 ECU. I am trying to communcate with the ECU using an Arduino. I have pulled the ECU, soldered in a header at CN2, and cut the jumper at J12. From everything that I have read, the ECU is supposed to send and receive data over...
  11. Things NO ONE told me about TURBOS

    Forced Induction
    Things NO ONE told me about installing a TURBO These are things NO ONE ever told me about getting/installing a turbo. Now that I have boosted my 93 civic eg6, D15B7 these things are SO obvious, but when I didn’t know about it, I was all over the internet looking for answers. I found a lot of...
  12. EG8 with 3 stage vtec d15b ECU TUNE

    Product Reviews
    Good Day all, I recently bought an EG8 with a d15b 3 stage vtec engine and 5fwd manual transmission. My question is what can i do to tune/upgrade the ECU to get some more performance out of the motor?
  13. Help. ecu problems

    General Tech
    been having some trouble finding a right ecu for my 92 honda civic 4dr LX d15b7 motor. what ecu would be good?
  14. For sale: Hondata S300 in P28 ecu

    For Sale
    Hondata s300 - cheap! I have a P28 ecu that has hondata S300 installed. SOLD! Thanks for your interest!
  15. d16 stuff

    For Sale
    i have 75mm wiseco forged pistons, eagle rods and acl race bearings for sale. all have never been used, but taken to a machine shop and balanced out. they are listed on ebay so they can be shipped to you: D16y7 D16y8 D16z6 Wiseco 75mm Pistons Eagle Forged Rods And Acl Race Bearings | eBay...
  16. obdo to obd1or2 z6 minime

    Engine Building
    My 91 civic has a d16z6 head on a d15b2 block. It was like this when i got it. instead of converting to the obd1 they ran the vtec through a msd ignition switch and kept the obdo harness. The only distributor that would work came out of a ls integra it had to be modified to bolt up, looks like...
  17. obd2 tuning while keeping emissions

    Engine Management
    So I'd hate to beat a dead horse, but i couldn't find any solid information on tuning an obd2 ecu. My current project is and stroked y8 and I'm going to want to tune the vehicle to get all my FT-LBS in check. I want to keep it obd2 for emissions purposes. Any help would be appreciated! Please...
  18. 92 civic Ex with 99 D16Y8 swap ecu question

    Engine Management
    I have a 92 Civic ex with a 99 D16Y8 VTEC swap but still running the factory 92 ECU...... The car was an automatic but now a 5speed after swap. I believe the ECU is the obd2? Which ECU should I be using and what car do I get it out of for optimal performance? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  19. p28 giving me hell!

    Engine Management
    p28 tuned in crome, check engine light comes on but cant pull the code. motor idle surges like the IACV isnt working. 1-1.5k rpms. new IACV, new wires and pins from ECU to IACV. back probed at IACV 4.9v with check engine light on. one time i got the bright idea to pull the hell over and pop the...
  20. d15 vtec wiring & CEL helpppp

    Engine Management
    I just recently bought a 5 speed 1998 honda civic, and i came apon a problem...the check engine light is on and she is drinking gas likee a dumptruck! So taking a closer look i realised the engine dosent match the ECU (non vtec ecu) (vtec head) So my vtec solenoid and oil pressure sensor is...