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  1. Stock D16y8 low boost build?

    General Tech
    So I have a small T30 eBay turbo and a stock D16y7 With a y8 head on it. The car and bottom end has 117k on it and the head is brand new and machined. If I take my small T30 turbo and a small little intercooler and hook it up and tune it to like 12 PSI could I reliably daily drive it. Not...
  2. Ebay cam gears?

    New Member Introductions
    Anyone have any trouble with ebay cam gears? Bisimoto and Skunk2 adjustable cam gears like $150+ but there are some on ebay for like $30. Would it really make the $100+ difference getting a cheaper ebay cam gear than going with bisimoto or skunk2? I would probably stick with getting either a...
  3. Ebay Steering Wheel

    Product Reviews
    320mm, red stitch, black pvc leather. It came with a hub adapter. Total costs: $55. My stock steering wheel was all gross and squishy feeling. This one makes the car feel new. It smells new too. The plastic sleeve they sent to cover the hub adapter wasn't big enough so I just left it off. It...
  4. GodSpeed Turbos with Turbonetics Parts???

    Forced Induction
    so I stumbled upon this listing while looking for a cheap turbo... Godspeed T3T4 T4E Turbo Charger 50 Compressor 48 Trim T3 4 Bolt Exhaust | eBay the exhaust housing looks like it has what appears to be a Turbonetics logo.. I heard in the past that Godspeed turbos used some Turbonetics parts...
  5. t3/t4 turbo upgrade

    Forced Induction
    My dads ruunning a t3/t4 ebay turbo on his built ls vtec just wondering it there's any turbos that are direct replacment that won't have to modify his dp to fit It like a garrett or something I no this aint a d series but any help is greatly appreciated
  6. CX Racing 2.5" Intercooler piping review, EK fitment.

    Product Reviews
    Company name (or ebay ID): CX Racing (ebay username: just-intercoolers) Item Bought: CXracing 92-00 Intercooler piping kit* *I already had couplers/tbolts from cxracing from another universal kit i had for another car. So what i did was send them a message on ebay and ask how much for the...
  7. Fitting Cat to 2" Downpipe - Help!

    General Tech
    If there is another thread dealing with this, please point me to it...I couldn't find one myself. I have a 96 civic hatch for which I bought an ebay header-back exhaust (my old exhaust rusted out and I needed one fast). My current set up is 4-2-1 header - downpipe has a 2" OD. It came with a...
  8. axleback exhaust for the ef.

    Naturally Aspirated
    The only one i can find online is the bosal axleback that looks stock but i wonder if it sounds stock to? Is there any other choices online or anywhere?
  9. Engine Swap Time, Need some Advice.

    New Member Introductions
    My D15B7 in my 95 civic has been burning about a quart of oil every 100 miles. Sadface, and now I finally have the chance for an engine swap! First off I would like to know if you guys think ebay is a decent place to buy a used / rebuild engine ? If not, where could I find one ? Also Would it...
  10. Can you lend some expertise on my setup

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi guys, I don't really expect too many response's just yet as i'm going throught the sticky on how to improve gas mileage as we speak, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. As you may have read before, this thread was initially on how to get better acceleration out of my 4 door eg...
  11. Turboing my d15b HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys, i'm new to the site. I got a d15b in my 1998 Civic Si and i'm thinking of turboing it, But I don't know much about turboing cars. Should i rebuilt the engine first? What's the deal with eBay turbos for example: CIVIC EG EK 92-00 93 94 95 96 97 99 D15 D16 TURBO KIT on (item...
  12. OMG GrapeFruit Cannon

    So as a few of you know Ive had terrible exhaust issues. First I bought a "Custom Exhaust" from another guy with a coupe.....and it didnt work out. It has an ebay muffler, the hangers all broke, and had shatty welds. So I bought an Greddy Evo2. Told myself to buy quality. Wouldnt you guess, it...