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  1. Outrageous or mild?

    Forced Induction
    Okay, So here is my situation. Currently I have a EJ1 with a A6 block, stock sleeves, eagle rods, vitara pistons, stock head, 63 trim turbonetics turbo tuned at 15-16 lbs. Well I am just kind of bored and trying to set up a winter project for whenever work slows down a bit. I have bought/traded...
  2. D16Y8 srp/eagle... Build advice

    Forced Induction
    Hello Everyone, I am a new member to the site and wanted to introduce myself. I am 23 own an HVAC company in Ontario Canada. Ive owed a 98 contour/ 04 Jetta TDI/ 05 GS500F/ 06 SV650S/ and i currently own an 04 RX-8, an 02, Yamaha R1 (both 8 and 1 are moderately modded incl exhaust intake/filter...
  3. i need your opinion please!!!

    Engine Building
    ok so basically i have the oppurtunity to trade my engine, its built with vitara's and eagles, for a friends engine, its completely bone stock, but he has a full fj turbo kit with it. so do i trade my engine which has about 30000 of hard driving miles for the opportunity to rebuild an engine...
  4. A not-so brief history of my 1992 Si Hatch

    Sep 08 When I bought it, bone stock, rough around the edges... D16Z6 with lots of miles and lots of OH GOD ITS UGLY KILL IT Interior was clean though. Washed the shit off the VC and degreased everything. Oct 08 Got a new VC, wire brushed it, painted it crinkle black.
  5. FS: Scat H beam rods, Golden Eagle Block Guard

    For Sale
    Hey guys, For sale i have a set of d series SCAT H beam rods Brand new!! only one rod bag was opened. other three are still sealed im asking $260 obo Shipped I also have a d series golden eagle block guard brand new!! i am asking 80obo shipped thanks guys if i dont respond within a day here...