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  1. Races/Shows/Events
    Have you heard before about D1 Grand Prix in Japan? As you could have guessed easily, it is a racing event for professional drifters (yes, you can actually make legal money out of it.) For those who know about it, names like Daigo Saito and Yuki Matsui might sound familiar. By the way...
  2. Just Racing
    During the last 15 years the Students Drifting Playoff (All Japan Drifting Students Playoff) has become the Super Bowl of drifting for students. Combining the West and East tournaments, there was a total of 200 cars, each one ranked. The best four of the West Tournament visited the East...
  3. Showcase
    Spent a day shooting at a drift competition and I thought you guys might want to see some of the cars in action. :popcorn:
1-3 of 3 Results