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  1. Suspension Corner
    Hey guys, just wondered if anyone else runs tokico illuminas and what you think about them? Doing a drag build on my car but also drive it to shows. Have progress springs on now as well.
  2. Races/Shows/Events
    Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Raceway Parks is starting there midnight drags this Saturday April 28 Gates open at 11pm $10 Entrance fee $20 to Race for more info on it check out Welcome Race Fans!
  3. Forced Induction
    Hi everyone, My name is Alex and I'm new to this forum. I had take a look around and i'm pretty sure I could find some good tech infos for my little Drag car project.:TU: I'm french canadian so i'm there to practicing my english to! I Did a project D16y8 Turbo with Go-autoworks Pro kit this...
  4. Forced Induction
    ok so i just got this turbo'd car.... and it spools around 2500 and hittin full boost around 3500RPM (16PSI stock) and then around 4500rpm the boost drops and the car seems to "bog" down. can anyone help me? this is my first turbo'd car. and figured even though its not a honda, all turbo'd cars...
  5. Races/Shows/Events
    Just FYI for those who need test & tunes ;) Bremerton Pacific Pacific Raceways - Where The Excitement Is Accelerating.....For The Entire Family! I plan on trying to make a few of the Bremerton events they seem to throw less hate at...
  6. Forced Induction
    updated a few details on 11/23/2009 when i first started learning about forced induction my favorite thing to do was lurk on build threads. so here is mine for the next generation. ive done most everything myself minus machine work on the block. ive also spent some good cash on tools. (if...
1-6 of 6 Results