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  1. General Tech
    will a 92-95 civic 1.5/1.6 header and down pipe bolt on to the 89 CRX CAT? is there a commercially available header that bolts in, no problems? or would i be wise to find someone with a welder? thanks for your help~!
  2. For Sale
    whats up all, here is a list of random stuff i have to get rid of. i dont want to get into crazy detail... im tryin to keep it short and simple. ill take best offers but ill put up prices im looking for so no low ballers please. prices shipped. thanks everyone! 52MM AMBER/WHITE A/F GAUGE $30...
  3. Forced Induction
    OK. I just bought myself some FJT stuff. I got rods, and vitara pistons. Im gonna be putting those in a y7 block and z6 head or y8 head Turbo wanting to make about 250 to the wheels. Which gasket do you think I should put fot either head on that block??? And give me any tips u may have for me...
1-3 of 3 Results