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  1. Throttle Position Sensor

    Hi all, I've got a 91 SI with a brown top ZC swapped into it. It starts, but runs only in limp mode with the ECM throwing a throttle position sensor code. I decided to just make sure that the connector is tight and together and I noticed one of the wires (yellow) is cut. I am just looking for...
  2. D16a8 turbo build

    So I've got a 1988 crx hf with the edm dohc zc swapped in and wired to run obd1 computer. Stock bore stock pistons stock stock stock.... stage one port on the head. Pistons are out crank everything is ready to get sent off to machine shop. I have dam blue top 450cc injectors and fuel pump out 1g...
  3. NO Spark Dohc ZC

    General Tech
    :ninja:3rd gen Dohc ZC. Obd1 with Chipped p28 ecu with respective basemap. I already checked for signal at the ecu. I've used an ohm meter and test light on power source to dizzy. Changed cap and rotor. While it was off, I checked for power at the shaft, and nothing. I took ohm tester to every...
  4. Dohc ZC No Start

    Dohc ZC 3rd gen blacktop. p28 ecu with the right basemap. converted to obd1 with respective part changes.(all New) Has spark guaranteed. (Brand spanking new Dizzy) Fixed mechanical timing. Was off a tooth on the intake side. Car will crank and turn over No weird sounds coming from valves. I'm...
  5. 3rd Gen Dohc ZC Dizzy

    Which distributor would I use for a 3rd gen dohc zc that's been converted to OBD1? I know there's the TD43-u. But every one that's selling says it's for the second gen. And I went through two of them already from brand new. Any Suggestions?
  6. Bad Fuel System Parts

    Dohc ZC in my 89 Crx Hf body. Hey Guys! Here again with some more questions. So with the car not running, I had to do some diagnostics. I had already checked for spark, compression, and fuel(at least the fuel pump). Everything was good, and it still wouldn't start. Last night, I...
  7. Won't start

    Okay! At it again! Just trying to get the damn thing running. Dohc ZC Blacktop converted to obd1. Chipped P28 ecu. 1989 CRX HF Here's what happened: I fired it up to go to work Saturday morning. i pulled out onto a main road, and ran it to 4k rpms. the car backfired big time. Like a...
  8. Springs and Stuff

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys! I've got my car in decent running order. I need to make some changes on how it sticks to the ground. I've been looking at some lowering springs that will provide a performance feel while still being semi comfortable. I found 2" Lowering springs with skunk2. Spring rates as...
  9. DOHC ZC Power loss at high rpm

    Hey everyone, finally decided to join. I've been looking info up on this site for a long, long time. My time has come to ask a question about my 89 OBD0 DOHC ZC. My problem comes at high rpm usually 2nd or 3rd gear. It doesn't make a difference if it's cold or at operating temp. But doesn't...
  10. Rebuilding dohc zc

    So I'm sure there are lots of old post out there can someone point me to the best forum or website for everything thing zc. My car jumped timing and bent valves so I'm just wanting to build it up for turbo. My goal at this point is 450.
  11. D series tranny not getting power too 3rd or 4th when driving

    I have a 90' crx with a zc swap and it runs and drives great. Just converted it to obd1 and fixed the clutch pedal assembly. I go to drive it and it goes into first gear takes off just fine, shifts to second great too. So I shift to 3rd and it goes right in but it feels different.. Let off...
  12. New to DOHC ZC and need help

    I recently got a Dohc Zc and I would like to know what my options are. From What I can tell Turbo is a good way to go. I would like to get 200+ whp in the end and be able to daily drive the car. The ZC I got was already on its way to being turbo ready and i want to know if everything that has...
  13. Turbo dohc zc

    Forced Induction
    Have a dohc zc powered 90 crx tha i intend on turboing. I intend on buying a garret t3/t4 not sure what spec yet, a log manifold. Tial bov and waste gate, an ebay fmic and piping, 450 cc or bigger injectors and vitara pistons with custom rods. With a settup like this can i make 250-300 hp? Will...
  14. dohc zc fuel map

    Engine Management
    my friend has a chipped pm6 ecu he is giving me that is tuned with turboedit. is there anway of e downloading turboedit and using it t put a stock fuel map for my zc or how would i reprogram it to put a zc map on it. sorry i dont no much about tunning
  15. Dohc ZC Swap into 93 LX?

    Hey guys, i'm new to the world of engine swaps. I was looking at a DOHC ZC engine: I have a 93 LX with stock d15b7 engine and stock 5spd transmission. The guy told me that his dohc ZC...
  16. DOHC ZC Non-Catalyc Ecu on DOHC ZC Catalyc?

    Hello!! I have catalyc dohc zc engine, with O2 sensor, but i founded and PM7 of non catalyc dohc zc, this will fit on my car and work the O2 sensor (don't break the catalyc converter)??? Thanks!!
  17. Water and oil pump for Dohc ZC 2 (D16A9)

    Hello!! I bought: -Belt tensioner and timming belt from D16A1 89 integra, its a 124 teeth 24mm. -Water pump for 88-91 crx si, i think for D16A6 -Oil pump for 88-91 crx si, D16A6 too. Some people tell me that the oil pump the D16Z6 is not recommended because is high presure, and my engine is...
  18. Wil fit milled B20 valves on Dohc ZC??

    Engine Building
    Hello! I have milling machine and little lathe machine. I'm thinking to machine a b20 valves that i can get from one friend, from crv engine, and modify to fit on my D16A8 (Dohc ZC) head, they are stronger that dohc zc valves??? At the moment i have this pieces on my block: -75mm D16Z6 JE...
  19. Dohc Zc Help !! for 1990 civic si

    My current engine is a d16a6 , but i want to drop in Zc Dohc engine,.. but i want more power so what can i change or mod, for my power ? aftermarket? parts from other cars ?