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  1. Engine Building
    I have a 89 CRX that I am swapping. everything is bolted up right. I kept the old intake manifold so that I didn't have to convert it over to MPFI. I had to do some wiring to get the z6 dizzy to connect. But it still wont start, is there a way to get the old dizzy to bolt on? PLEASE HELP!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Ok, so I'm searching for all this info that I just love to find. I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Accepted premise: A. The accords had external coils. The preludes had external coils B. The early 90s prelude distributor cap fits perfectly onto my d-series civic dizzy C...
  3. General Tech
    Ok so i bought a car and it has a cel i took it to the autoparts and i got code p1259 which is vtec malfunction i would like to know how could i fix that the other little problem im having is that the car idles constantly between 1,700rpms or 1,200rpms i think thats a little high and some times...
  4. DIY Forum
    Diy dizzy cap and rotor I've decided to use this post as my first full write up so please leave any comments, suggestions, insults and praise (hopefully) in a comment below. The story and symptoms of a no good distributor cap: Keeping in mind it could be a number of other things your having...
  5. Want to Buy
    Title says it all. Need a good working distributor for my OBD1 B18B shipped to: L3V 2R4 Canada
  6. Audio/Electronics
    i have A 88 civic rt4wd and i converted it to obd1 and i can drive it its fine for little bit like couple gears then jumps into limp mode. flashes 4 (crank sensor) and i have wired crank and cylingder sensors straight to ecu. also switched out dizzys same problem any ideas what it could be?
  7. DIY Forum
    What's up everyone I'm new to this Honda tech stuff I have little background in mechanics but I need help ASAP I am trying to drop an obd1 engine into a 89 crx si that has obd0 harness I have the harness and computer from the 93 civic DX that the obd1 harnes is in and ecu can I just swap the...
  8. Naturally Aspirated
    My dd is having problems. I was moving it from my driveway to garage after doing and intake IM gasket. when moving the car it the plug wire for cylinder no.1 came off and it ran like this for about 15 seconds. now my car will not start. (its D15b7 with minor mods, z6 IM, header, a6 cam) --The...
  9. Naturally Aspirated
    my 93 civic is running a mini me set up, my distributor has been acting funny every few days i gotta mess with it to make it start. i have 2 d15b7 dizzys in my Garage i know they are the same obd but will the b7 one work??
  10. Naturally Aspirated
    Will any other dizzys work on the z6 head i just swapped a z6 head onto a y7 block and all i need is the housing so i can swap the guts from the y7 dizzy to whatever will work on the z6 head. sorry if i posted in the wrong place new to d-series.
  11. Forced Induction
    Ok so I'm doing a y8 swap into a 95 sedan and am in the process of boosting, yes I have searched and have been searching forums since I bought the engine last august. I'm just now doing the swap and I oopsed and bought a y8 dizzy to mount to the y8 engine but I am swapping from a b7 and already...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, new to the forum :pedo: and I had a couple of questions.. Just recently picked up a 90' civic Si for $400 and as is, it came with: - D16Y8 mated with stock Si trans (L3)(90k on motor and 124k on car and trans) - p28 with cut wires and plugs from EG harness (no stock ECU in car) -...
  13. Want to Buy
    Hey Guys, I would like to urgently purchase a OBD2B D16Y8 Dizzy or just the internals (Coil part no stamped is TC-08a). I guess the code is TD63-U, let me know if any one can hook me up, If you can ship it directly to India, great, else shipping to CA Fremont, my friend will ship it from there...
  14. General Tech
    sup DSO i'm in a tight spot, i did all the research i could but i'm at a stalemate. a little back story: civic threw a CEL in the morning when i was leaving for work, idled rough too so i decided to take my wife's car that day and not chance getting stuck on the freeway. when i get home i start...
  15. Engine Building
    can i just buy the dpfi to mpfi on ebay? what else would i need because it seems impossible to find si parts like dizzy injectors intake mani and whatever u need? can i just go with the z6 everything then go obd0 to obd1 or is that not worth it. please someone give me a few options without...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I need to fix my car ASAP, its the only one I have :(. I have a 1995 civic DX with a 1988 civic si D16A6ZC SOHC 1.6L engine in it (everything is stock except the engine). I am having some electrical issues regarding my engine and I have figured out what the problem likely is. I just...
  17. Engine Building
    does eny one know how to rewire the d15 dizzy to work on obd2 wire harness i have the y8 dizzy on the d15 now and absolute FAIL no spark dont bolt right when it chooses to start after 30 min oftrying misses horribly
  18. New Member Introductions
    i have a d15b2 and i was going to do a mini me swap but somethings happened and i wasnt able to do it. now i kept the mpfi on there and i have an obd0 to obd1 conversion harness on my d15 but i dont know what distributor to put on because i cant put the stock one because its obd0. i tried a...
1-18 of 18 Results