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  1. My 1997 Civic Ex rebuild and turbo

    This is the deal I have replaced my motor once... yes i do my own [email protected]#^. So this time I want to build a turbo setup, and since i already pulled the motor I'm doing a host of other upgrades to make my car perform and look better. Performance is my number one concern to be honest. I am looking to...
  2. DontGrabMeThere's Super POS Budget Turbo Build

    Hey I'm new to this forum but not new to Honda's Copying and pasting from another Picked up the car like 2-3 years ago as a 90% stock cx with ac Stayed stock for the longest until last year Lowered the car on H&r spring S2k seats Ls meshies Power window conversion Da integra rear view w...
  3. Engine Harness Article

    Motorsports ECU Wiring Harness Construction
  4. Bit of help needed (d14a4/d15z6)

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, Im new here so thaught I would start with my situation, couple of weeks ago I baught a d15z6 ek3 which ran good, sounded good and pulled very well! after 5 days the immob light kicked on and after paying someone £100 pound to try and fix it still no luck...had it de-immobilised and all...
  5. Honda Rust!!! with pics

    General Tech
    I have had my 95 cx for a little while now, had a few issues with it one of course is the rot in the rear quarters...not that bad, i tore the carpet out of the car only to find alot of cancer back by the passenger side rear floor. My buddy a few month ago decided to go ahead and cut out the...
  6. Homemade Buddy Club

    Naturally Aspirated
    I have access to a welder, and a machine shop so I've been planning on making a new axle back for my car. One that utilizes a straight pipe design and not a muffler. Now the issue I'm having is that I see designs like the Buddy Club Spec II which have a nice tone and it seems to be exactly what...
  7. Chipping and tuning your own ecu! lots of photo's and info!

    DIY Forum
    This is mainly a compilation of others info all joined into one to make it easy to find and as a complete walk through All props to the people who actually figured this out. Look at bottom to see all the reference pages and learn more about it. Chipping obd1 info First thing is the basics of...
  8. DIY Carbon Fiber Dip Kit

    DIY Forum
    Neat idea to refinish a dashboard, or console... Camo Dip Kit - Do It Yourself Water Transfer Camo Dip Kit They have carbon fiber, woodgrain, skulls, and camo dip kits...
  9. D.I.Y. painted interior

    DIY Forum
    I'm not sure how high the demand is for this but I know it caught my eye and may interest a few other people here as well. D.I.Y. custom painted interior. DIY #2: black interior - - Honda Civic Forum
  10. Turbo d15b7 project

    i am setting up my first car for a turbo. at the moment i have the stock d15b7 with a d16a6 cam i am going to put on a diy ported head that i did myself and arp headstuds. i am hoping for around 160-180hp on 6-8 psi i bough a used airesearch m27 turbo for 140 online. i looked it up and as far...
  11. DIY Wrinkle paint in any color

    DIY Forum
    Taken from HCW forum. • View topic - How To: DIY Wrinkle Paint In Colors Other Than Black Brilliant idea
  12. Maximizing quench

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, ive been looking through this forum the last week and looking at a lof peoples builds trying to figure out my own. I found a build in peticular that i really like. I am doing my y7 for my 1st build so i have some experience b4 i jump rite into something crazy. So on that note imma...
  13. DIY Seat Upholstery Question

    General Tech
    Hello fellow d-series members! I have a question for y'all.. I recently acquired a pair of DC2 leather seats and they are in decent condition, but both have rips on the bottom seat (in the middle of the bottom seat), and the driver's side one has a rip on the side of it. I have been searching...
  14. I have no idea when I'm going to get to install it, but, I think it turned out well!

    I love the color. I'm not sure what it is, because the cap looks black! The hex section was something I scrounged up to check the operability of a lathe that is probably older than most of the folks on the forum. I purposefully made one end small enough on the taper to slip fit into the...
  15. DIY thermal intake manifold gasket

    DIY Forum
    Decided to make one and share with you guys! Some time ago I noticed in local shop thermal gasket sheets. They weren't cheap, but I thought it would be for future needs and bought smallest sheet available (which was about 1.5x1.5 meters and 2mm thick). Paid about $90 for it.. It is called...
  16. Where to find, how to on engine harnesses

    Engine Management
    I've tried searching and couldnt find anything, does anyone know where to find a diy on making an engine harness for 5th gen (92-95) ex coupes?
  17. Xenocron DIY 4bar map sensor

    Engine Management
    Has anyone made a custom "safe" box for the tiny 4bar map sensor Xenocron sales??? Im short on cash right now and I gotta get this in my car in order for it to work. THanks for any input.
  18. DIY: Aftermarket cluster overlays installation

    DIY Forum
    My situation: I own an EG 95 civic hatch. I have been rummaging through the junkyards lately and found a plethora of civic auto clusters. They sell em' for fifty bucks, I always wanted a tach, so I went ahead and bought one. I can always paint over the auto-shift display later, the cluster...
  19. Innovative Cheap Catch Can

    DIY Forum
    Taken from a member on vwvortex. Nicely executed, figured i'd share with my D-series family.