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diy catch can

  1. DIY Ghetto Fab Catch Can

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    I figured i'de make a DIY while i built my catch can. Pretty ghetto but should work good enough for what im doing. So i started off with some old A/C stuff i snagged from work. Cut it open and removed the guts and cleaned it up. For the drain a picked up a 1/4'' brass valve fitting from...
  2. Foos Catchcan DIY

    DIY Forum
    Yeah. Everyone is making catchcans out of PVC pipe, Monster cans and everything else lately, so I though I would jump on the band wagon. I made two of these (one for me, one for ??) because it was fun, I had the idea, and wanted to see how it turned out. I like them! On to the DIY. Tools...
  3. How To: Make your own Catch Can on a budget. (33 pics, 56k Beware!)

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    Heres a simple way to rig up a Catch Can for oil blow-by gases, so that your not putting oily/spent gases into your intake, robbing power. Hey, every little bit of power counts, right? Disclaimer: This is probably not smog legal(I live in FL so I don't care), so do this at your own risk...