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  1. NO Spark Dohc ZC

    General Tech
    :ninja:3rd gen Dohc ZC. Obd1 with Chipped p28 ecu with respective basemap. I already checked for signal at the ecu. I've used an ohm meter and test light on power source to dizzy. Changed cap and rotor. While it was off, I checked for power at the shaft, and nothing. I took ohm tester to every...
  2. 3rd Gen Dohc ZC Dizzy

    Which distributor would I use for a 3rd gen dohc zc that's been converted to OBD1? I know there's the TD43-u. But every one that's selling says it's for the second gen. And I went through two of them already from brand new. Any Suggestions?
  3. D15B7 Dizzy on OBD1 Y8 Head

    Engine Building
    Have you heard about the CYP snail? I have heard Dan mention it before. Doesn't seem to throw a CEL for me. What is the consequence, and how to correct? Any additional information appreciated. Thanks difference between vtec and non vtec dizzy...
  4. Engine Cranking won't start

    Engine Management
    Okay so I changed my engine in my DC1 Integra. Bottom end went I think. Yet to take it apart to diagnose. Put a new engine in (1.6 ZC d series non-vtec) exact same as old engine. Here are the symptoms: - Engine is cranking over but won't start. - Battery light is on in the dash (wasn't prior...
  5. Need help - ECU codes 8 & 15

    General Tech
    Hi all, my dad has a Del sol which is currently giving him trouble. The engine is a D15b Vtec (JDM). It stalls randomly while driving or while on idle, then doesn't start. After a few tries it starts and CEL goes on. With the CEL on then it drives perfectly. What i have tried : Took it to a...
  6. Yet again, we revisit the CIVIC EXTERNAL COIL

    New Member Introductions
    Ok, so I'm searching for all this info that I just love to find. I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Accepted premise: A. The accords had external coils. The preludes had external coils B. The early 90s prelude distributor cap fits perfectly onto my d-series civic dizzy C...
  7. DIY - Distributor Cap, Rotor and Seal

    DIY Forum
    Diy dizzy cap and rotor I've decided to use this post as my first full write up so please leave any comments, suggestions, insults and praise (hopefully) in a comment below. The story and symptoms of a no good distributor cap: Keeping in mind it could be a number of other things your having...
  8. WTB> OBD1 B18B Dizzy

    Want to Buy
    Title says it all. Need a good working distributor for my OBD1 B18B shipped to: L3V 2R4 Canada
  9. 93 hatch w/d16z6 vtec strange problem

    General Tech
    So: 1) car was sitting for 2.5 months while I was away at school 2) car was started, ran just fine, and everything was peachy 3) over the course of 45 minutes, the engine started missing more and more, until it finally died and would not restart(cold or warm). Towed it home, currently in...
  10. Dizzy help

    Forced Induction
    Ok so I'm doing a y8 swap into a 95 sedan and am in the process of boosting, yes I have searched and have been searching forums since I bought the engine last august. I'm just now doing the swap and I oopsed and bought a y8 dizzy to mount to the y8 engine but I am swapping from a b7 and already...
  11. D16Y8 Dizzy

    Want to Buy
    Hey Guys, I would like to urgently purchase a OBD2B D16Y8 Dizzy or just the internals (Coil part no stamped is TC-08a). I guess the code is TD63-U, let me know if any one can hook me up, If you can ship it directly to India, great, else shipping to CA Fremont, my friend will ship it from there...
  12. d16y7 no spark... tried everything, please HELP

    General Tech
    sup DSO i'm in a tight spot, i did all the research i could but i'm at a stalemate. a little back story: civic threw a CEL in the morning when i was leaving for work, idled rough too so i decided to take my wife's car that day and not chance getting stuck on the freeway. when i get home i start...
  13. code 15 CEL flashing.??

    Engine Management
    So I was working on my car last night.. simple clutch cable change. Went to turn my car on, and all its sudden it won't kick over... I read up some on it.. and I'm getting ignition control module? I said fuck it, bought a whole new dizzy. Fixed nothing!! I'm hologram someone else has run...
  14. HELP!!! vtec distributor

    Engine Building
    I have a non vtec distributor that I want to use on my vtec head, I know its possible to convert them.. something about 8 wire harness?? Idk. Can someone let me know if this is in fact possible and if so... How??
  15. Timing Problem D16z6

    Engine Management
    My d16z6 locked up on me a couple days ago, and i was lookin at it yesterday, and the timing is off, but idk how it happened. it also cranks over now. It's at TDC but the button on the dizzy is pointing at #3, does anyone have any idea's?? it's all stock too btw, except mr2 15's:biggrin: any...
  16. Z6 Dizzy on a Y8 Head?

    Engine Management
    Will a d16z6 dizzy work with with a d16y8 head?
  17. d16a6zc dizzy

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I need to fix my car ASAP, its the only one I have :(. I have a 1995 civic DX with a 1988 civic si D16A6ZC SOHC 1.6L engine in it (everything is stock except the engine). I am having some electrical issues regarding my engine and I have figured out what the problem likely is. I just...
  18. No more car garage sale

    For Sale
    hey guys i had to sell the car so this is what i have left. Feel free to make offers. This is a complete kit with 2 pressure gauges one digital gauge(msrp $160) and a bottle heater comes with 40hp jets asking $375 for everything shipped 91 EF spindles $100 shipped d16z6 dizzy with msd...
  19. D16y8 wont get past 4000

    General Tech
    Before you flame me i did search, In other words im not wasting your time, My problem doesn't seem to compare to anyone else's. Well not exactly anyways... So, Fully built y8 has a good amount of acceleration (not bragging just using to compare to performance now.) My bracket for my exhaust...
  20. Green wire from distributor

    Engine Building
    hey im new so please be nice i've had my civic for about a month it has the y8 and i have big dreams for it. it was modded up pretty good when i got it and i still havent figured out all that was done but there is one thing that i just noticed and is bugging me there is a green wire that comes...