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  1. Ignition Dwell (Neptune RTP)

    Engine Building
    Hoping someone could share some insight on how to alter this region productively when using Neptune RTP. The Help file is severely lacking in my opinion, and raises many questions, including the attitude of the author. Anyway.. I've attached a JPG with the window in question. "Ignition...
  2. No clue!!

    Forced Induction
    So i have a problem that i just can't figure out. when I'm driving my car, if i get over 4500rpm with boost, its like i lose spark or power or something. my car lunges forward and its like i hit the brake or something. any ideas? maybe too much boost is blowing out the spark? idk. any help would...
  3. DIY Stethoscope Det Can

    DIY Forum
    ok. imho this is the best det can, because its cheap, simple, and super easy to construct. not to mention reliable (no electronics involved). the only tricky part may be finding a mechanics stethoscope. use the PN provided to help. :) ive never used the ear muff style, but my friend...
  4. DIY electronic detonation detection/det cans for under 25 dollars

    DIY Forum
    First off I want to say I can't take 100% of the credit. I got the idea from this site The only thing bad about that article is that the site is based in Australia.So if you Don't live in Australia it might be hard to source the exact parts...