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  1. Forced Induction
    Alright guys. Basically this is meant to be fun thread where people can voice there opinions, help me piece together a kit, help others decide that are thinking of doing the same, and provide progress updates. My goal end game is a reliable build throwing down roughly 200-225whp. I know i can't...
  2. Suspension Corner
    i bought a del sol with a one piece suspension. unfortunately i am a delivery driver in one of the states with the worst pot holes. i am not sure of the brand. what pieces, mounts, etc do i need to get the suspension back to the point where i wont be bouncing up and down
  3. General Tech
    :3dtard:hey how it going i picked up my sol about 3 months ago, also my first owned honda technically but have had many motorswaps under the belt. that being said my 94 sol refuses to spray fuel i have changed in jectors 3 times deleted and replaced the resistor box, replaced a partial wiring...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys Im new to D-series forums but a few of my friends have been talking bout it. TommyM and Staypuff578 referred me by the way lol Umm okay so I drive a 93 Honda Del Sol Type S. 95 GSR swap with dual titanium valve springs, type r head and tokico red coilovers with ground control, other...
  5. General Tech
    does anyone know or have any idea how to swap out the back lights of a del sol to a s2000 back light? what parts are needed?? do i have to cut around the back lights on the s2000 for the braces or brackets? thanks
1-5 of 6 Results