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  1. Better shock absorbers for coil springs

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, long time lurker here and wanted to make an introduction post. Figured I'd include a question with my introduction. I'm a lube tech at ford and from Charlotte NC. I have a 93 del sol that came with old crappy raceland coilovers. My question is what would be a better adjustable shock...
  2. 95 del sol cant figure out what the wheel rattle is exactly

    Suspension Corner
    95 del sol sir someone swapped it from the b16a3 dohc to a d15b7 sohc i have a standard and a s20 long gear tranny the front rotors look 10.3in i have tone hubs for the abs yes or whatever it is and they work ive tested the abs so this car came with all abs and 4 disk brakes i have...
  3. S-20 Making Some unusual noise - Video Attached

    Transmission alley Hey Guys- I may be in the market for a new transmission after hearing these sounds come from my engine bay. Perhaps a power plant as well judging by all the valve noise in the video - Sounds like a sewing machine. Where should I be looking? First inside my...
  4. 1993 Del Sol SI D16Z6 Mild Turbo Build Help

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 1993 Del Sol SI powered by a D16Z6. My goal is 200 WHP, and I don't want to exceed 250 WHP. So far all I have is a pos air intake a buddy sold me cheap, and after my turbo build I will get a better intake when I am done with my build. I don't want a "race car" I just want it to be a...
  5. Del Sol wing

    Hey guys i just finished putting the eg wing on my sol. I though i would show you and see what yall think?
  6. '93 Del Sol ESi with JRSC project

    Forced Induction
    Hello from Bucharest, Romania : ) I'm new around here here's my ride '93 Del Sol ESi / EH6 / D16Z6 / 250.000 km s All stock except stainless steel exhaust (custom made @topgear) Rebuilt tranny with Syncrotech stuff Honda transmission D Series Civic SOHC Rebuild Kits went through a full...
  7. Kevinio's D16z6 D16z6 Del Sol

    Kevinio's D16z6 Sol Hello everyone, I'm Kevin, 26 years old and live in the Netherlands. I'm a senior engineer at DAF-trucks (PACCAR) and member of the board of Honda Community Netherlands. I own a Honda Del Sol ESI with D16z6 engine. The car is almost finished, the only thing I want to do is...
  8. bucking problem d16z6

    General Tech
    im new and im not sure if this is where i should post this. but i have a 93 del sol si and i have problems starting it like every other day. i hear the fuel pump engage but i will stillhave problems. and if im at low rpm it will start bucking. can anyone help me on this?
  9. D16Z6 - My first build

    Engine Building
    I started this build a few years ago. I have a 1993 delsol and my intention was to rebuild the engine. I really didn't know what I wanted to do to it, but I knew the engine was coming out so I pull it out. I did a complete tear down, right to the bare block. At the time I wasn't into...
  10. f23 swap into del sol

    New Member Introductions
    I am new to this site but so far have found it pretty informative. I am dropping a f23 vtech into my del sol and ready to put it into the car but having issues figuring out the front and back mount. The f swaps I have seen didnt use the front mount but what bracked was used for the back mount...
  11. 95 Del Sol Project~~Where to Start?

    Engine Building
    Hi, i recently just bought a 95 Del Sol. I want to put a D16Z6 in, because this Car is Stock all except a Z6 tranny. But im new to Hondas and Dont know where i should Start because i want this car to be my daily driver. So any suggestions would help lead me in the right direct.
  12. 95 Del Sol CV Shaft Replacement

    General Tech
    Hello, I just joined up here because I am noticing a rather knowledgeable array of Honda guys, however sadly am not finding so far the exact issue I am having. To start: I am rather noobish with Honda, coming from the Nismo world, so there might be a few mishaps I put in here that make me sound...
  13. 97 Del sol

    Forced Induction
    I just got my first Honda, a 97 Del sol Si. I love the shit outta this car. I've put tokico shocks and eibach springs that lowered it 1 1/2 in. It handles much better. I want to install a rear sub brace and front and rear sway bars. What size of sway bar should I use? Its not a daily driver...
  14. Del Sol CEL question

    General Tech
    I have a 1993 Del Sol with a d15b swap, and its been running fine for about a year now. I had to do a clutch yesterday, and now I have a check engine light on. Before anyone says jumper it and look for the code, I have, but the thing is, that when I turn the key to the on position with the...
  15. D15b7 turbo build

    Engine Building
    Hi, I have a 93 Del Sol S with a D15b7, and want to build it and reach around 250-300 hp if possible. I have a general idea of what I would need but need some help building it. I know many people say building a d15 is not worth it, but I want to be different, and would rather spend the money...
  16. 95 Del Sol build

    Ive been kicking around the idea of building a thread for awhile. I didnt want to at first but the more I look around it makes me want to make it since Ive learned alot from this place I mines well give back. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If your unsure of somthing go ahead and...
  17. 94 Del Sol interior connector plug

    General Tech
    I was going through the fuses in my wife’s Del Sol trying to find out why the power windows, turn signals, and all the dash lights aren’t working when I noticed something tucked above the fuses…. (brown plug at the bottom of the picture)...
  18. 5-Lug Swap Using 4-Lug Suspension Parts List, FAQ

    DIY Forum
    Honda/Acura 5-Lug Swap Using 4- Lug suspension **This setup/thread will be edited as time goes on.** Disclaimer: I will not be held liable for any damage or accidents that may occur from this due to improper installation. We are all adults so whoever decides to attempt this, use it...
  19. Del Sol Map light rods

    For Sale
    So recently i put JDM map light in my del sol and had extreme trouble finding the door hinge rods needed for the conversion. so i made my own. and now to help the community out im gonna begin selling them. if you need any or know a friend feel free to contact me. I can guarantee exact fitment...
  20. Project Tristan

    After several debates about making a build which would be kept privately other than the few close friends that had a sneak peak, I thought I would share this to you guys on here. Mainly had this build thread on a local forum but is a great website with brilliant people. This is a...