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  1. HX35/HX40 Turbo Setup?

    7th Gen
    Hello everyone! Been stalking the site for months reading up on these cars and I finally made an account today! I'm buying a new car here soon and I looked up the 7th Gen Civic coupe 5 speed as my choice since my dad is helping me buy my first car which will be my daily and I will also take to...
  2. Turbo Basemap help

    Forced Induction
    Hi, I have a 2002 civic ex with a T25 turbo with a aem fic 6 as a piggy back, I switched the Injectors from 310cc Rsx to 410cc Rdx but the maps for it are all off and I don't have a solid basemap to work from. Is there anyone that has a map they could send me to at least give me a starting...
  3. D17a2 Full Turbo Build

    Engine Building
    Hey all. Im new here and just wanted to post my current build and maybe get some feedback. To all those who say K-swap.... **** you. Im here to prove a point. My point is to make HP in a D17 Boosted coupe. If you dont like it dont say nothing. If you do ill delete your ****. I dont care about...
  4. Cheapest engine for 2004 Civic?

    General Tech
    My 2004 Honda Civic LX with a D17A1 needs a new engine. Would the cheapest option be to buy another D17A1? What other options do I have? I will be paying a mechanic for labor.
  5. D17A2 TSI Turbo Kit Review

    Forced Induction
    ok. so i have had this kit for over 6000 miles now and so far it is holding up well. i have the gt25r ball bearing kit with the aem fic. as much as they claim that it is fully bolt on...this is complete bullcrap. the kit comes in 2 boxes. didnt know this when i got it and got very angry when i...
  6. d17a1 to a2 head swap?

    7th Gen
    I'm wanting to do a headswap on my lx to make it vtec. Is there anyone on here willing to sell their head for a reasonable price?
  7. D17 turbo overheating

    Forced Induction
    Greetings! Hi, friends! Long time no see. How are you? Finally my several years project is done and the car is running for 1,500 miles+. My build thread: The car has 2 maps. One with 300whp and other, with more...
  8. need help with d17a2 boosted

    Forced Induction
    I bought the ebay turbo kit from Godspeed and everything is hooked up right..but when I really try to get on it I start to lean could I fix this?...also I have an ARK DESIGN Advanced boost controller that Idk how to set the boost on it but my gauge says I'm running 8 pounds before I...
  9. D17a2 build

    Engine Building
    Howzit everybody Im a noob on here. But I have a decent amount of knowledge about my d-series engine and how parts work and whatnot from reading around and stuff. I have a D17a2 for a 02 civic And am planning on building it. My engines stock.. I think I'm gonna upgrade my top end with a stage...
  10. D71A2

    7th Gen
    So i want to a local junkyard and found a d17a2 engine in a 2002 honda civic ex but the thing is that i dont know how to tell if it's a vtec or non vtec. could someone help me please? and also i was removing the header and i stripped on of the bolts could someone teach me on how to get it out?
  11. 2-layer y8 hg or d17 hg help?

    Naturally Aspirated
    hey guys can anyone tell me what years the 2-layer y8 headgasket came in? or where i could buy one? id go with the d17a2 hg but it just doesnt look like it fits right with a d15/d16. going on a d15b vtec to boost comp, thanks
  12. [Question] Piston Head - Valve Relief on D17A2 (D17Z3 Brazil)

    Naturally Aspirated
    Dear Friends, First, i''m sorry if posted on wrong place. :D My D17Z3 (very similar of D17A2) was broken, Hydraulic Shim ("Calço Hidraulico" - I don't know the name in english :$). But my question is very simple to your. When my mechanic disassemble my cylinder block, we check the pistons...