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  1. Engine Management
    Hello, this is the first time posting here! I am in the process of tuning my D17A1, but I am having problems getting a good spark table, and not too sure about the required fuel because I am running quite rich on idle. I was wondering if anybody here is familiar tuning D17's that could give me...
  2. General Tech
    My 2004 Honda Civic LX with a D17A1 needs a new engine. Would the cheapest option be to buy another D17A1? What other options do I have? I will be paying a mechanic for labor.
  3. 7th Gen
    I'm wanting to do a headswap on my lx to make it vtec. Is there anyone on here willing to sell their head for a reasonable price?
  4. New Member Introductions
    I haven't done any serious engine work in about 20 years, so I'm considering myself a noob with today's engine tech and I'm baffled with my engine right now. I have an '04 GX with a D17A1. A shop put in a salvages D17A1 instead of the A7. It ran a little less gutsy, but it ran for 10 mos...
  5. 7th Gen
    i was looking at the price of a vtec head and i found one for 300 $ i was wondering in order for vtec to actually work on a d17a1 do you need a complete replacement computer like AEM standalone, or if you could get the stock one remapped for vtec or if you could use a computer from a d17a2:
1-5 of 5 Results