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  1. General Tech
    I've got a 2001 Civic LX I bought with a junk d17a1 in. Decided to go jdm and started my swap. I've got it all put together now but I'm getting a p1607 code (pcm internal fault) along with it not running 100% (it's missing and rpms jump when you let off the gas) My question is did I fry my ECU...
  2. 7th Gen
    Ok guys I have an 05 honda civic ex with manual trans. When I bought it the D17a2 had a blown head gasket, so instead of fixing it I bought a JDM D17A. Now it was plug and play for the most part, did have to use the USDM throttle body to still have cruise control. Here are my questions that I...
1-2 of 2 Results