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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, the title says it all. a close friend of mine has just launched his website and a youtube channel . it's a Canadian company that makes an adapter for D/B series to use K20/24 shifter boxes OEM or Aftermarket. Here are the links to His channel and website, thanks! The Youtube channel...
  2. General Tech
    I've got a 2001 Civic LX I bought with a junk d17a1 in. Decided to go jdm and started my swap. I've got it all put together now but I'm getting a p1607 code (pcm internal fault) along with it not running 100% (it's missing and rpms jump when you let off the gas) My question is did I fry my ECU...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    03 d17a1 nonvtec manual . New valve cover gasket, new radiator. Looking to get the most before boost (180whp? Idk). Okay my idea. Tell me im okay my bro is a hinda mecanic (so labor dont matter just more of helping me) please educate me. Get a d17a1 vtec head (direct fit) Get some headers from...
  4. 7th Gen
    Hello everyone! Been stalking the site for months reading up on these cars and I finally made an account today! I'm buying a new car here soon and I looked up the 7th Gen Civic coupe 5 speed as my choice since my dad is helping me buy my first car which will be my daily and I will also take to...
  5. Forced Induction
    Hi, I have a 2002 civic ex with a T25 turbo with a aem fic 6 as a piggy back, I switched the Injectors from 310cc Rsx to 410cc Rdx but the maps for it are all off and I don't have a solid basemap to work from. Is there anyone that has a map they could send me to at least give me a starting...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi D-series gurus! I'm looking for a simple info about the interchangeability of the D17 aircondition (A/C pump) compressor from the D17 Coupe made in the US to the D17A2 installed in the Japan made Honda Stream. The Stream is 2002 model, with VTEC. I believe there were Civics with that...
  7. 7th Gen
    Hey guys, I've been research a decent bit on this topic. I'm planning on just swapping the manifold and using the D17 TB, Fuel Rail, Injectors, and all that for the time being and also not having an EGR is a plus for this. However I am concerned with the tune I will need after the swap. I...
  8. General Tech
    My first swap got a 2002 d17 (complete swap, ecu, tranny all the way to gear box, wire harness stock front suspension). No motor mounts, any clue what i need? Any difficulties you know of I might run in to? Any knowledge of the subject will be appreciated..
  9. Engine Building
    okay, i need help, i need to know if there is anyway of knowing if rdx injectors will fit in my STOCK fuel rail and brackets in my d-17A1 or if there is any modifications i need to do, i am running aem f/ic and a custom turbo setup and need to get the fuel system setup to finalize the project, i...
  10. New Member Introductions
    ok so i bought my first honda a year ago. a 93 civic lx, d15b7. put some rims on it 15s now. a header and short ram ai. well heres the deal, nobody around here even messes with lxs. so i want to build a one of a kind civic all me and totally different from the rest in okc. i dont wanna go with...
  11. Transmission alley
    Alright, try not to give me too much grief on this one, but: Got an automatic 05 Civic, but the transmission on it is messin' up--BAD. Like it won't go over 4 grand at all, if i try to it's like its redlining or some crap. So I figured its time for a 5-Speed swap, I was wondering if the...
  12. Transmission alley
    hello everubody well i have like 5 months withou my civic 2002 ex coupe everything started at the mornig of 5 month ago, so in the morning going to work after shift 2nd gear there just comes a big noise like CRACK!!!! then the clutch pedal was on the floor, so i parked the car open the hood...
  13. Engine Building
    i got a d16z6 head and i was thinking if i can make the hole bigger where the valve sit at and prob put d17 valves or ls valves..any answer will b helpfull
  14. Engine Building
    but i am attempting to do a NA build on the D17a2, yeah i know.. any advice from people that have already done this before me, the Good and the bad would be appreciated. tips comments welcome thanks, (possible boost later)
  15. 7th Gen
    So i want to a local junkyard and found a d17a2 engine in a 2002 honda civic ex but the thing is that i dont know how to tell if it's a vtec or non vtec. could someone help me please? and also i was removing the header and i stripped on of the bolts could someone teach me on how to get it out?
  16. 7th Gen
    I wanna know if u can get 200 whp out of a d17a2 with only $1500 bucks????( start out stock)
  17. 7th Gen
    Hey ive got a d17 non vtech with an automatic transmission (04 civic lx) i was wondering what the potential of this setup is i was considering a standard tranny swap but decided it isnt something i need just a want and gettin a new honda isnt an option at this moment (payments= grrrrrr). anyways...
1-17 of 18 Results